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Zuko's campsite was a temporary rest spot constructed by the young prince within the heavily forested area above the Western Air Temple. Zuko stayed at the location for several nights before proving himself trustworthy and being accepted into Team Avatar.[1]


While hoping to join Team Avatar, Zuko set up this temporary camp near the cliffside using his war balloon's envelope as shelter.[2] Here, he prepared his speech for Team Avatar with a badgerfrog and comically imitated what Iroh and Azula would say if they were in his situation; he finally gave up, stating that he just was not that great at impersonations.

When Toph sneaked away from the group to visit him at his campsite, Zuko assumed that he was being ambushed, as he was now on the run again after being accused of being a traitor to the Fire Nation. Without thinking, he used firebending to attack and burned her feet, causing her to flee from the camp on all fours. The site was later disassembled after Zuko joined the team, as he was offered a room at the temple.[1]


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