Zuko's Dragon Flight is a game hosted on The game takes inspiration from a scene in "In Harm's Way".


Lord Zuko must prevent Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and Zaheer from reaching P'Li's prison in the North Pole. In order to do so, he must steer his dragon, Druk, to navigate past ice pillars and use fire to subdue his opponents.


  • Left arrow key or "A" key – Veer left
  • Right arrow key or "D" key – Veer right
  • Left mouse click – Shoot fire


Zuko's Dragon Flight gameplay

The left mouse click is used to launch fireballs at opponents.

In order to complete the game, the player must use the left and right arrow keys or the "A" and "D" keys in order to move left and right, respectively. The objective of the game is to navigate Zuko's dragon to avoid ice pillars which remove a portion of the player's health upon contact. The game consists of a tutorial wave and subsequent waves in which the player must find opponents to attack using the left mouse click until they are defeated. A wave ends once the player reaches P'Li's prison and a following wave begins shortly after. More opponents appear with each subsequent round and require more mouse clicks in order to defeat.

In addition, opponents begin to attack the player in later waves: Ghazan launches flaming rocks, Ming-Hua launches ice blocks, and Zaheer launches airballs. Each opponent appears randomly and must be defeated using a number of fireballs, the use of which depletes the player's chi, indicated by the blue bar on top of the screen. A player must wait a few seconds for chi to regenerate once the bar is completely drained before being able to attack once more. The game ends when the player runs out of health, indicated by the red bar on top of the screen. A final score is calculated based on the number of opponents defeated during the waves.


  • The secret password for the lock on the main screen and on the score sheet at the end of the game is "4328". Entering the code makes Zuko's fireballs blue instead of red.
    • The numbers "4328" spell out "heat" on a traditional cellphone keypad.

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