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Zolzayaa is the young second-in-command of the Tiger Monkey Triad, an all-woman, Satomobile-focused triad from Republic City. Zolzayaa is a firebender and is also a brilliant racing driver.[1]


Zolzayaa was originally part of the Badgermole Triad, participating in the group's tunnel races in the Republic City underground.[1] Zolzayaa and the triad's leader, Hibiki, usually raced together for bending doubles, with Hibiki using his earthbending to disrupt the track while Zolzayaa drove the car.[2] They developed mutual feelings for each other, but this never became anything more than a crush for either of them, remaining simply friends. While the triad supported her race-related skills, she ended up outpacing them. She chose to leave the Badgermoles for the Tiger Monkey Triad, becoming the youngest person ever accepted by the all-woman racing triad.[1]

Hibiki viewed Zolzayaa's departure from the triad as an act of betrayal, causing a rift between both of them. However, they still harbored feelings for one another. Zolzayaa felt like she was being challenged more constantly in the Tiger Monkeys, which helped her aspirations to become a crack tunnel racer. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Tiger Monkeys in spite of her youth, and became the trusted confidante and second-in-command of the triad's leader, Quiyue.

Zolzayaa became aware that Quiyue was actually the older sister of Kyoko, the CEO of the Harmony Park Corporation. Her knowledge was a potential weapon against the businesswoman when she tried to get the Republic City Police to crack down on tunnel racing in order to stamp out competition for her legal, above ground races. However, Quiyue did not want to hurt her sister, while equally not wanting anyone else to get hurt.[3] Even though Kyoko became a pressing threat to the tunnel racers, Zolzayaa still took every opportunity she could get to talk to Hibiki and try to return to the closeness they once shared.[1]


Zolzayaa is much more sociable than most members of the Tiger Monkey Triad. She strives for excellence in her ambition to become a crack driver, which led to her quitting the Badgermoles for the Tiger Monkeys.[1]


Although Zolzayaa is a firebender, she primarily focuses on her driving skills over anything else. She often takes the driver's seat in a bending doubles race, with another bender being the one to provide obstacles for the other races.[2] However, she is still able to swipe her surroundings with a blade of flame when it comes to a fight.[1]


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