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Zimo was an elite firebender who deserted from the Fire Nation military in the late Hundred Year War. She consequently joined a ragtag group of anti-Fire Nation resistance fighters in the Earth Kingdom.[1]


Born in the Fire Nation Capital, Zimo hailed from a noble family and grew up firmly believing her country's propaganda about the Great War. She attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, being trained as an elite firebender in the process, and subsequently joined the military to help the world. Considered a promising soldier, she was given a squad of ten other firebenders to lead on important missions.[1]

However, Zimo's first mission for the Fire Nation military proved to be her last one. Instead of liberating the world and fighting corrupt tyrants, as she had been taught in school, her time at the frontlines showcased that the Fire Nation was waging a brutal, imperialistic campaign. Zimo could not accept this, and refused to complete her mission, disgracing her entire squad. She deserted the military, vowing to bring down her country's government. Zimo ultimately ended up as part of a team of resistance fighters, including Xinyi, Nalu, Lana, and Xiao, working hard so that her new comrades could trust her.[1]

Eventually, Zimo's group was hired by Long Feng's spy network to escort another Fire Nation defector, Onomu, to Ba Sing Se so that she could deliver important war plans.[2]


Zimo was a determined, confident, and warm woman. A naturally inspiring and supportive leader, she excelled in military tasks, yet her moralistic nature made it impossible for her to aid her home country in waging a war of global conquest.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


  • Though Zimo's ultimate fate is unconfirmed, only two Fire Nation soldiers, namely Jeong Jeong and Chey, were believed to have survived their defection by the end of the Hundred Year War.[3]
  • Zimo is a pregenerated character for players to use in the Adventure Booklet 3: Ash & Steel campaign, using The Pillar playbook.


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