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This article is about the airships used by Zaofu and later incorporated into the military of the Earth Empire. For other similar uses, see Airship (disambiguation).
Zaofu airship

A Zaofu airship arriving at Laghima's Peak.

Zaofu airships[1] are large, rigid frame, zepplin-like craft used for transportation.[2] They were later manufactured and used by the Earth Empire to aid in reuniting the Earth Kingdom.


After deciding to join the rest of the new airbenders, Opal left Zaofu on an airship headed for the Northern Air Temple.[2]

Team Avatar traveled aboard an airship to confront the Red Lotus after they took the new airbenders hostage.[3] Inside the cabin, they debated which rescue strategy would work before Avatar Korra decided to give herself up in exchange for the airbenders. When they arrived at Laghima's Peak, Asami Sato, Mako, and Bolin dropped the others off at the base of the mountain before heading to the Northern Air Temple to collect the airbenders. Once the Red Lotus had Korra in their custody, Ming-Hua and Ghazan escaped using the Zaofu airship.

With the fall of Hou-Ting, the Earth Queen, and the Earth Kingdom descending into chaos, Kuvira left Zaofu on an airship with a small group of citizens to bring stability to the nation.[4]

The Earth Empire travels to the banyan-grove tree

The Earth Empire, led by Kuvira, traveled to the banyan-grove tree in order to harvest the vines in search for spirit energy.

By 174 AG, Zaofu airships had become an integral part of the military of the Earth Empire.[5] Kuvira brought a fleet of airships with the rest of her forces when taking control of Zaofu. They were also used to transport troops to locations of interest; a group of Zaofu airships accompanied Baatar Jr. and Kuvira as they examined the banyan-grove tree, where the metalbender ordered her troops to harvest the vines until none were left.[6]

A fleet of airships later traveled alongside Kuvira's mecha suit as she marched for Republic City during its invasion.[7] When President Raiko surrendered after Kuvira destroyed several United Forces battleships, she sent Bataar Jr. on an airship to negotiate the terms of surrender with Raiko. However, before the airship arrived at Air Temple Island, Korra and a group of airbenders kidnapped Bataar to buy time and stop the president from surrendering.


Zaofu airship concept art

Concept art of the Zaofu airship.

The Zaofu airships are rounder than those used by the Metalbending Police Force, and similar in design to the Equalist airship. The cabins on the underside of the airship have side entrances with extendable ramps, allowing for passengers to enter or disembark the vessel.[7] The airships also have a roof hatch which leads to the vehicle's interior.[7]


  • The airships are steered by a ship's wheel, just like real world airships during the early 20th century.
  • The base design of the Zaofu airships were adapted from the Equalist airships and given an Art-Deco "makeover".[1]


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