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Yuzhen Jr. was the president of Sparrowkeet Air. He handled the day-to-day operations of the company when his father, Yuzhen Sr., grew old.[1]


Yuzhen Jr. was the son of Yuzhen Sr., the CEO of Sparrowkeet Air. The company had helped the Fire Nation innovate and improve their dirigibles during the Hundred Year War. While his father did not believe that they had any guilt due to profiting off the war, Yuzhen Jr. was a man of the modern age, and tried to atone for their wrongdoings. Since he started working at the company, he tried his best to make what reparations he could by hiring from impoverished communities and giving back to the Earth Kingdom. Much to his chagrin, he was called "Little Yuzhen" even though he was rather tall. With his father growing old, Yuzhen Jr. began to run the day-to-day affairs of the company as its president. Since accepting the role, business declined substantially, through no fault of his own. As the war was over, the Fire Nation no longer needed war balloons, and it had been the company's former biggest customer.[1]

An archaeologist named Qian Yu took a pre-war Air Nomad artifact found on Sparrowkeet land after she learned that Yuzhen Sr. was planning to sell it to the highest bidder. Yuzhen Jr. chased after Qian Yu with his father and the rest of the company on a huge dirigible serving as Sparrowkeet Air's Flying HQ. He believed that Qian Yu was a thief, but mostly saw the artifact as a means to an end, as Sparrowkeet was close to going bankrupt, and selling off a near-priceless Air Nomad artifact could be just the influx of cash that the company needed to keep going and for him to keep paying his employees.[1][2] He was not insensitive to the idea that the artifact was the rightful property of Avatar Aang, and did care about making sure that the artifact was safely preserved, but cared about the future of his company and the livelihoods of his workers above all else, and disapproved of the theft of company property.[3]


Yuzhen Jr. was driven by his need to protect the workers whose livelihoods depended on him. He felt a great deal of responsibility toward others.[1]


Yuzhen Jr. was a skilled technologist. When he came into conflict with others, he was skilled at identifying weak points in the environment that he could use against a foe.[1]



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