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The Yuyan Archers were a group of elite, highly skilled Fire Nation archers. Since at least 91 AG, they were under Colonel Shinu's command, and used to guard the Pohuai Stronghold. The Yuyan Archers were used for very stealthy missions where precision and accuracy were vital for success, and they were one of the Fire Nation's secret weapons.[2]


Prince Ozai hired a Yuyan Archer, Vachir, to track down and kill Ikem, the former lover of Princess Ursa, having heard of the group's great skill in archery. However, Vachir failed to find Ikem, and as a result, Ozai dismissed him and told him to turn his resignation to Colonel Shinu.[3]

In the winter of 100 AG, Commander Zhao approached Shinu, seeking to use the Yuyan Archers to help him capture the Avatar. After being turned down, a messenger hawk came to Zhao, carrying a letter informing him that the had been promoted, and was now an Admiral. This put him above Shinu, thus allowing him to take control of the archers and employ them in his hunt for Aang. When the archers discovered the Avatar, Aang's extreme agility was matched by their expert aim. Outnumbered and simultaneously trying to collect frozen wood frogs in order to cure Katara and Sokka of fever, Aang could not resist the group and was consequently captured. One archer was later instructed to incapacitate the Blue Spirit.[1]


  • A former Yuyan Archer, Vachir, was a member of the Rough Rhinos.[4][5]
  • Their uniforms, especially the short jackets and poofy pants, resemble Zouave uniforms from the American Civil War, which in turn were inspired by 19th century French Zouave uniforms which also were widely imitated by forces of other nations in the 19th century.
  • The small triangle that is present on Yuyan head bands, and also on Lo and Li's hair bands, is the alchemical symbol for fire.
  • All Yuyan Archers bear a dark red tattoo that runs across their eyes, identifying them as current or former members of the elite group.
  • The bows used by the Yuyan Archers are composite bows.


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