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Yuxuan was a technologist with expertise in traps, trying to get windfall of money before returning to the Eel Swan Sauna, the home that they abandoned.[1]


Yuxuan's parents were arrested for protesting Fire Nation rule during the Hundred Year War, after which they were adopted by Kim, the elderly owner of the Eel Swan Sauna. When the war ended, they were a rebellious teenager, and made a big deal of leaving the sauna to find their "real parents," but when they arrived at the prison, Yuxuan discovered their parents died in captivity.

Since then, they tried to do good in the world to live up to their parents' legacy, while avoiding Kim because they were too embarrassed. In Boat Bottom, they heard about a high bounty placed on a thief called Qian Yu, and planned to bring the money they would earn back to Kim to help keep the business afloat and make amends. They formed a team with Taiki, Lan, Kiku, and Chesa, and managed to find Qian Yu. However, they discovered that Qian Yu had actually taken an Air Nomad artifact from Sparrowkeet Air after learning they wanted to sell it to the highest bidder, and the team decided they needed to help her rather than hinder her. They agreed to escort her to Yu Dao, where she could give the artifact to Toph Beifong ad the Beifong Metalbending Academy, who could in turn give the artifact to Avatar Aang.[2][3]


Yuxuan could come off as both lonely and resolute. Though they wanted to do good in the world, Yuxuan was embarrassed with their past attitude toward Kim.[2]


Yuxuan was adept with technology and made use of traps, which were particularly noxious, and stinkbombs. They were also skilled at disorienting a foe during combat by pummelling them with quick blows.[2]


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