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Yun was the friend of Kyoshi and Rangi and the earthbending pupil of Jianzhu. Talented, charismatic, and handsome, he was misidentified as the new Avatar after a long and difficult search. After the revelation of Kyoshi's identity as the true Avatar, Yun was betrayed by Jianzhu, who felt the boy's usefulness had been exhausted and allowed Father Glowworm to carry him off in the mountains.[2]


When Yun was around fourteen years old, he was discovered in Makapu Village by Jianzhu and Kelsang while playing Pai Sho: he repeatedly bested tourists in the game by utilizing Avatar Kuruk's favorite strategies, down to exact tile placement, which led Jianzhu to presumed that Yun was Kuruk's reincarnation. Yun was subsequently taken under the protection of the two men.

At sixteen years old, Yun was prodigious at earthbending but had yet to show any signs of bending the other elements. Despite this, Jianzhu was confident in his identification of Kuruk's reincarnation and committed himself to teaching Yun all he found imperative for the Avatar to know.

Under the tutelage of Jainzhu, Yun underwent many rigorous tests; bending exercises, physical trials, meditation, as well as poison training. In between lessons, Jianzhu and Kelsang would regularly take Yun on trips around the world on the Kelsang's flying bison, Pengpeng, in order to meet important people from around the four nations. His two male mentors wanted to ensure Yun had a cosmopolitan upbringing, as the ideal Avatar was also a diplomat, never showing bias.

Dedicating his whole being to his Avatarhood, Yun spent sleepless nights poring over scholarly analyses of Yangchen's political decisions. He exhaustively memorized the names of every Earth Kingdom noble, Fire Nation commander, and Water Tribe chieftain among the living and three generations of the dead. Yun used forgotten texts to map the ancient sacred sites of the Air Nomads to such a degree that it even exceeded the knowledge of his airbending mentor, Kelsang.

When Kyoshi was revealed by Father Glowworm to be the true Avatar, Yun was devastated. When the vengeful spirit coiled one of his tendrils around Yun he was left to fend for himself by Jainzhu, who was now only concerned with teaching and protecting Kyoshi, which resulted in Father Glowworm dragging his body off into a dark tunnel.[2]

Yun somehow escaped the spirit and managed to track down Kyoshi and Jianzhu at a restaurant at a time when the two were fighting, looking unscathed. However, Kyoshi felt something was off about Yun in the way he smiled and acted. Without a word, Yun calmly picked up a rock, pressed it against Jianzhu's chest, and forced it through his former mentor's body, killing him. He subsequently walked away, a smile on his face. Before he vanished, he hit the wall to alert the patrons of the events that transpired.

Physical appearance

Yun was described a young man with with jade-green eyes, brown hair, and a handsome face with sharp edges. He had an easy smile and warm eyes that twinkled with mischief. Later, having seemingly returned from the dead, his skin had a healthy glow, and he had neat stubble lining his jaw, though he was surrounded by an aura of inhumanity.


Yun was generally a fun-loving playful boy, who liked to tease his friends Kyoshi and Rangi. He was also quite wise and took his Avatar duties seriously, even though he grew increasingly frustrated over his inability to bend anything besides earth. While charming and cheerful on the outside, he was insecure about his place as the Avatar and became stressed when Kyoshi was revealed as the true Avatar. He had the tendency to hide his true feelings from others, as evidenced by his lie to Jianzhu about being happy for Kyoshi if she were to be the true Avatar even though it crushed his spirit.


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