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Yuki is a plucky inventor from the Southern Water Tribe who now resides in Republic City underground's Tin Town.[1]


Yuki moved from the Southern Water Tribe to Republic City, where she landed a job at Cabbage Corp. She chafed under the restrictions placed on her by her employers, and eventually quit. She found that she needed to follow her bliss by inventing whatever she saw fit. However, this exuberant creation and lack of financial planning meant that she fell on hard times. Without a family or network to catch her as she fell, she landed in Tin Town's community of unhoused people and outcasts. Despite Yuki's genius, her general oddness led to her being considered particularly unusual. Yuki either did not know, or did not care about having such a reputation.

Yuki had a passion for studying spirit vine energy. Even though the topic was taboo, she made a point to learn everything she could about the new power source and the practical implications it could have. She planned to harvest power from spirit vines to help power Tin Town, and make the encampment self-sufficient. Yuki theorized that she did not have to cut up and harvest the vines, but may instead be able to directly "plug in" the town to the roots underneath the city. However, the plan had many unknown variables, and she knew that she needed to explore the spirit vine roots and run a number of tests on them. The town's unofficial "mayor", Yulan, knew what Yuki was trying to do, and was interested in the community becoming self-sufficient. However, Yuki disappeared after beginning her research. Her neighbors started worrying about what had happened to her. Two weeks after she went missing, Yulan was looking for someone to go out and find Yuki. The "mayor" believed that she could not go to the Air Nation for any help about the situation, worrying that they could shut down Yuki's experiments if they found out what she was doing.[1]


Even for the outcast community of Tin Town, Yuki is considered an especially eccentric figure. She has an erratic and sometimes confounding personality, with locals joking that she is like an overflowing river, as she is always babbling and has nowhere to go. Despite this, neighbors still knew that she meant well, and was ultimately a useful and positive part of the encampment.

She has no qualms about using instruments such as dowsing rods, hygrometers, water sensors, or even bones. Her only drive is innovation, and she will stop at nothing to pursue it. Yuki is also happy to share her knowledge with like-minded individuals.[1]


Yuki is a genius and holds an extremely in-depth knowledge of spirit vine energy, despite studying the complex and taboo subject by herself.[1]


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