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Yugoda was a female waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. She specialized in the art of healing, and instructed young women of her city on how to use their waterbending abilities for various healing purposes.


While growing up in the Northern Water Tribe, Yugoda befriended Kanna. However, the latter left mysteriously without saying goodbye when she got engaged to a young waterbender, Pakku, and Yugoda never saw her again.

In 84 AG, Yugoda attempted to heal Princess Yue after she was born to no avail, forcing Chief Arnook to make his bargain with the Moon Spirit.[2]

By the end of 99 AG, Yugoda was still the head of the healing class at the Northern tribe, teaching the young girls there to hone their revitalizing powers. A reluctant Katara became one of her students after she had been denied the opportunity to develop her waterbending.

After the class, Yugoda was thanked by Katara for the lesson, who quickly noticed the younger girl's betrothal necklace. She inquired who the "lucky boy" was who got to marry Katara, though when the latter explained that the necklace was an heirloom passed on by her grandmother to her mother and later to her, Yugoda recognized the carving, wondering why she had not immediately made the link. She explained to Katara that she was the spitting image of Kanna, and proceeded to explain her shared history with Katara's grandmother.

The following day, Yugoda witnessed the duel between Pakku and Katara.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


  • Yugoda was the first healing master to be shown in the series, the second being Katara.
  • Yugoda and Yakone's wife shared similar hairstyles.[3]
  • Yugoda was used as an example of a healer in The Lost Scrolls: Water on page thirty-six of The Lost Scrolls Collection. She was illustrated healing an old man.


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