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The Yu Dao Bounty Hunter's Guild was operating in the Fire Nation colonies and western Earth Kingdom after the Hundred Year War.[1]


The Yu Dao Bounty Hunter's Guild operated in the entire western Earth Kingdom, although its members found most of their work along the coast and in the area around Yu Dao.[1]

At some point after the Great War, archaeologist Qian Yu took an artifact from a dig site at the Eastern Air Temple, intending to safeguard it. Her employer, Sparrowkeet Air, considered the artifact to be its property and put up a bounty for the capture of Qian Yu as well as the Air Nomad object. Members of the Yu Dao Bounty Hunter's Guild saw the wanted posters, and decided to work together to gain the prize.[2] In their hunt, the guild members found themselves facing Taiki, Lan, Kiku, Yuxuan, and Chesa, bounty hunters who had opted to switch sides and support Qian Yu.[3]


The guild was highly diverse, and willing to accept any bounty hunter as a member. However, many of its most experienced members were (in)famous for their distinctive style, seeing it as a way of branding to attract employers. Accordingly, the guild not just included workshops for weaponry and martial arts, but even on self-advertisement. Each guild member had their own unique pseudonym and catch phrase. While the guild was not exactly coordinated, its members occasionally banded together for missions, and could function as "multi-colored, overly excited mob".[1]

Known members[]

  • "Badgerfrog Bountymaster" - A male bounty hunter who dressed in a green-brown suit with white-fur trim. He used a "badgerfrog tongue" whip with great skill, but his success rate was dimished by his tendency to monologue between each of his attacks. The Badgerfrog Bountymaster was mainly interested in fame instead of money.[1]
  • "Princess Flutter bat" - A female bounty hunter who wore a flight suit. Despite looking "dainty" in her costume, Princess Flutter bat was a highly dangerous individual who used her flight suit masterfully to strike her targets when they were most vulnerable. She was especially motivated by the fact that her work allowed herself to fight and overcome the toughest foes possible.[1]
  • "The Claw" - Little was known about this bounty hunter, as they rarely talked, dressed in dull grey, and always wore a metal mask. They were famous for their distinctive four-pronged claw. Even though their motivations were unclear, The Claw appeared to just enjoy their work.[1]