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Well, that's not their name ... but ...
The term "Young vandals" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The vandals are two teenage boys who frequently take part in vandalic activities throughout Republic City. When they painted graffiti and burned the airbending gates on Air Temple Island, they were confronted by a young Tenzin.[1]


By the mid-130s AG, the two young vandals sneaked into Air Temple Island's training area in order to paint graffiti and burn the airbending gates, defacing the Air Nomad relic. After some Air Acolytes detected the smoke, Tenzin ran toward the boys, who quickly began to escape. The airbender chased them with his glider to the docks of Republic City, fighting them off. The two vandals and Tenzin were soon arrested by the Republic City Police and brought to Chief Toph Beifong's office at their headquarters. While the metalbender was surprised to see the Avatar's son involvement in a "street brawl", that was not the case for the fire and the waterbender. Toph accused the kids of breaking the law and, after Avatar Aang stepped in to apologize for his son, she decided to let Tenzin off as he was a first-time offender, but the two vandals would need to spend the night in the "slammer". Aang, however, claimed that the young benders had damaged Air Nation property only, which was in their jurisdiction, and thus requested that Toph let the boys go back with him to Air Temple Island.

Outside the headquarters, the waterbending vandal apologized to the Avatar, while the firebending vandal begged for their bending not to be taken away. Aang explained to them that he would never do such a thing to children, much less over some graffiti. He promised that they were not in that much trouble, but there was an Air Nation tradition that he desired to share with them.

Back in Air Temple Island, the Avatar sat with the tree boys and explained the Air Nation's tradition to deal with situations in which someone wronged another person. His lesson led the two vandals and Tenzin to work together to clear the air around the airbending gates using their bending, and then washed the graffiti with cloths and water. The boys finally waved goodbye to Tenzin as they were observed from the distance by Aang and Katara, the latter noting how her son had made friends.[1]


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