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Master Youdron was an Air Monk and an Air Nomad Elder who lived during the lifetime of Avatar Roku.[1]


Youdron was on the Council of Elders during Avatar Roku's time in the air temples. He was the elder that fed cabbages to Amra, Disha's bison, after her, Roku, and Gyatso's descent.[2]

As a representative of the Air Nomads, Youdron stood in opposition to Khandro and his teachings. Youdron believed the Air Nomads should work with the Avatar and the other nations to reach more people and help the world. He accepted that dealing with the elites of the other nations was a means to that end.

A cautious man, Youdron knew of the danger the Fire Lord posed to his people should they cross him. As a precaution, Youdron began transcribing some of their most sacred practices into coded texts and hiding them in places around the four nations. He was pulled in many directions in his old age, and as the Guiding Wind movement gained popularity, he required the help of others, such as Norri.[1][3]


Youdron's exact airbending skills are unknown, though his position as an Elder signifies he was a master bender. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the sacred practices of the Air Nomads.[1]


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