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Yon Rha's village is a minor settlement located in a hilly region of the southern Fire Nation.


During the summer of 100 AG, Yon Rha's mother ordered her son to buy food from the village market, as the tomato-carrots in his garden were too hard for her gums. While there, he suspected someone was stalking him. Unable to detect an imminent threat, he ventured further down the road that led back to his house until Zuko and Katara, who were seeking revenge for Kya's murder at his hands six years prior, ambushed him. Katara was on the verge of impaling him with a great quantity of waterbending-made icicles, but found herself unable to commit such a violent act after discovering the hollow human being that Yon Rha had become. She relinquished her need for revenge and walked away with Zuko, leaving Yon Rha to grovel and weep on the muddy road in the rain.[1]


Yon Rha's village is built on rough terrain, and in most areas the ground is not level. To one side of the settlement is a natural, gently sloping wall of bare rock that forms the side of a small mountain. The land is flatter in the other direction, where a grassy plain takes prevalence. A small pathway snakes through this plain and leads to a more rocky, inclined region, at which point the walkway becomes a long and winding staircase made from stone. After this point, the road is flat and unpaved. It extends to Yon Rha's house, and somewhere in the middle there is a decorative red arch.

Village marketplace

The villagers can procure vegetables, fruits, and other necessities for their daily life at the market in the village.

The village itself is small and sparsely populated; infrastructure is somewhat sporadic and scattered. Most houses have white walls, red roofs, and are one or two stories high. They have slanted roofs, pink facades, and golden trimmings, though these features are often hidden from view by shrubs and trees.

The village marketplace offers a hefty assortment of fruits and vegetables, including bananas and lettuce. Buildings in the marketplace are made from stone, though wood is used to make support beams for the structures' overhangs as well as the red roofs. In addition, the market buildings have large windows that use wooden frames.[1]

Notable figures


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