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Yinzin was an intense historian and technology specialist from the Fire Nation during the late stages of the Hundred Year War.[1]


Yinzin grew up in Dizin Island, a picturesque outer island of the Fire Nation that had been owned by his family for generations. He learned to read from the supposedly unabridged history of the Fire Nation written by his mother Zinlai, who had inherited the title of National Historian from her own mother, and so on.

Yinzin was set to inherit the title of National Historian, and trained for the position his entire life. In 95 AC, a visit from his aunt threw his life into turmoil when he overheard a fight between his aunt and his mother, with his aunt claiming that everything his mother had ever written was a lie. Yinzin began to search for answers, believing that he could not become a National Historian until he knew for sure whether the words his mother had penned were a beautiful lie obscuring a horrid truth.[1]

Physical description[]

Yinzin was a well-dressed young man with a sense of arrogance that was betrayed by a kind smile.[1]


Although he had some martial arts training, Yinzin's primary fighting style involved making use of technology. His signature fighting style involved using smoke bombs to provide cover and obscure his surroundings.[1]


  • Zinlai (mother)


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


  • Yinzin is a pregenerated character for players to use in The Forbidden Scroll campaign, using The Successor playbook.


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