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Yanran was a powerful earthbender and agent of Long Feng, serving as a mid-level minister in Ba Sing Se's bureaucratic government.[1]


Yanran portrayed himself as an incompetent mid-level minister and held deep respect for Long Feng. In truth, he had aspirations of one day taking over Long Feng's role, and wished to grow so powerful that he could usurp his master's role and then control Earth King Kuei's every move. However, he knew that he had many steps ahead of him before he could achieve such a goal.[1]

In the late stages of the Hundred Year War, the Earth Kingdom government learned that a Fire Nation general named Onomu wished to defect, and that she had Fire Nation war plans as leverage. Yanran was tasked with making sure that the war plans made it to Ba Sing Se, but that Onomu did not, as having a high-ranking Fire Nation general in the city would disturb the government's conspiracy to censor all references to war within the Earth Kingdom capital.[2] He came to an outpost of Ba Sing Se, which was abandoned apart from himself and a group of Dai Li agents, waiting for the team escorting Onomu to arrive.[3]


Yanran was a slick, greedy, and ambitious minister. He desired to win Long Feng's trust, but always planned to betray him at a later point in time.[2]


Yanran's games were guile and subterfuge.[1] He had impressive earthbending talents, but preferred to talk his way out of a situation. Having to bend almost felt like a failure, as it meant that he had not been able to turn someone to his point of view. When he had to bend, he always struck with deadly efficiency.[2]


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