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Yakone's wife was a woman from the Northern Water Tribe and the mother of Noatak and Tarrlok. According to her younger son, she was never aware of Yakone's dark past or the fact that he taught their children bloodbending.[1]


This Northern Water Tribe woman met Yakone at a small village, after he had escaped from Republic City and assumed a new identity. She fell deeply in love with him, they married, and they had two children together, Noatak and Tarrlok. Unbeknownst to her, her husband trained their children in the art of bloodbending while she was told that he took them on hunting trips. Years later, on one such trip, Noatak ran away in reaction to a violent confrontation with his father. A few days later, her husband and youngest son returned home, and she was informed that Noatak had run away and was believed to have died in a storm. Heartbroken, she never got over the loss of her first-born son.[1]


She loved her family very much and was described by her youngest son as a "warm, caring woman". However, she never got over the loss of her first-born son.[1]


Yakone's wife


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)


  • She had violet eyes instead of the traditional blue seen in most Water Tribe citizens.[1]


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