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The trial of Yakone was the proceeding in which the crime lord Yakone was sentenced to life in prison for using the outlawed ability of bloodbending to commit crimes against the citizens of Republic City. The criminal attempted to escape, only to be defeated by Avatar Aang, who subsequently removed Yakone's bending.


Prior to this trial, Chief Toph Beifong had been trying to convict Yakone for years on multiple accounts, but to no avail. In 128 AG, Yakone was tried once more, this time with dozens of witnesses accusing him of using the outlawed art of bloodbending. The testimony showed that there was enough evidence from apparent victims to convict Yakone, but the jurors were unsure due to the fact that all of Yakone's crimes were on dates on which there was no full moon.

After announcing the verdict, Sokka was bloodbent by Yakone.

The verdict was finally delivered by Councilman Sokka, the chairman and Southern Water Tribe representative during that time. He and the other council members decided that, judging by their life experiences, such as Toph inventing metalbending and the rare abilities of Combustion Man, Yakone was one of these "unique benders", and was able to bloodbend without a full moon, using his ability to commit the crimes for which he had been accused. Therefore, Yakone was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. However, before he could be detained, the criminal demonstrated his powerful skills and subdued every person in the courtroom, including Avatar Aang. He used his skills to draw Toph over and unlock his handcuffs, prompting his escape after knocking the viewers unconscious.

Aang removed Yakone's bending.

Yakone fled City Hall on an ostrich horse-drawn carriage, only for Aang to enter the Avatar State, recover, and chase him down, breaking his carriage with airbending. Yakone tried to bloodbend Aang to death, but the latter's Avatar State was reactivated, enabling him to immobilize Yakone into an earth shield. The Avatar subsequently removed Yakone's bending abilities.[1]


Yakone was freed from prison by his gang, and after undergoing plastic surgery to hide his true identity, the former crime lord left Republic City for the Northern Water Tribe. There, he met his later wife, and had two sons, Noatak and Tarrlok, whom he would instruct in the art of bloodbending in the hopes that they would carry out his revenge against the Avatar for having stripped him of his bending. However, Noatak, tired of his father's merciless treatment, came to the conclusion that all bending arts were destructive and oppressive, which led to him assuming the alias of Amon and starting the Anti-bending Revolution to end all bending in the world.[2]

Tarrlok learned of his father's mistakes and wanted to become a "savior" and "hero" for the people while gaining power. Due to this, he pursued a political career in Republic City, and was eventually appointed the Northern Water Tribe's representative on the United Republic Council. However, his obsession to gain popularity and power at any cost led to his downfall in 170 AG.[2]

Avatar Korra, Aang's successor, would come to envision the trial while meditating, and deduce that Tarrlok was Yakone's son, thus forcefully ending his ambitions. She would later also learn that Amon was Yakone's first born son.[1][2]


  • The removal of Yakone's bending was the first known instance in which energybending occurred without pillars of light shining from the two participants' bodies, unlike when Aang energybent Phoenix King Ozai during the battle at Wulong Forest.[3]
  • This is the second time Aang is known to have used energybending.