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Xue is an actress working for Varrimovers International. She stars in Sengo: Lady of the Winds, playing the eponymous Sengo.[1]


Xue was born to an Air Acolyte family. Though she ended up becoming an actress, she was still proud of her connection to the Air Nation.[2]

Xue was thrilled to be cast as Sengo in Varrimovers International's new blockbuster, Sengo: Lady of the Winds. She was glad to carry on the spirit of the Nuktuk franchise as a strong, proud female airbender, especially given her heritage. But on day one, the director, Wing Len, informed her that she would be wearing an orange koalaotter bikini. She was also told that her role would require just one thing, as Sengo was a highly enlightened airbender who never expresses emotions, desires, goals, or drives, meaning that Xue would have to keep her face perfectly stoic and empty of feeling.[2]

Throughout the entire production, Xue tried to inject some humanity into Sengo, but was told to tone it down. Wing Len dismissed all her feedback and made it clear that she could easily be replaced by a new actress.[2] Xue ended up very frustrated by the production and considered quitting, but she did not want to miss her shot in the mover industry, or let down the cast and crew members who had done right by her.[1]

Due to the security issues on set, a new security team arrived: Erdene, Qacha, Thi, Meeka, and Dae. The five arrived at the studio as Xue was shooting an intense scene with Quin Yu, who was playing the mover's villain. Xue was acting stoic, just as Wing Len desired. At that very moment, a tremor struck, causing actor Quin Yu's harness to toss him about and cause the controlled tubing at his ankles to spray flames everywhere. This in turn caused saber-tooth moose lion animal actor Sweetie, playing Sengo's flying bison Bim Bim, to buck and toss Xue in the air.[3] In the aftermath of the shaking, a rattled Xue was livid, as he chose to criticize her performance instead of asking how she was doing.[3][4]


Xue strives for excellence and wants to make a name for herself as a real, capable, skilled actor. While she got frustrated with issues on set, they were always justified complaints.[2][5]


Xue is a skilled actor and knew that she was being limited by only being given a script and direction that made her be stoic and emotionless. If she is ever caught in a fight, she can plant her feet and prepare herself for incoming blows.[1][2]


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