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Xinyi was an earthbender who suffered a terrible tragedy at the hands of the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War and accidentally badly hurt those who hurt him.[1]


Xinyi's village was destroyed by Fire Nation soldiers when he was a small child. The villagers refused to accept Fire Nation rule, so their homes were razed. Flooded with confusion and fear, Xinyi used earthbending for the first time and accidentally crushed a group of soldiers running to grab him.

Terrified, Xinyi fled his village and grew up alone, fighting the Fire Nation any chance he could get.[2] He ended up in a team of resistance fighters that included Nalu, Lana, Zimo, and Xiao. Since meeting his new friends, Xinyi tried to become more personable, but found it hard.[2] Eventually, the group was hired by Long Feng's spy network to escort a Fire Nation defector, General Onomu, to Ba Sing Se so that she could deliver important war plans.[3] Xinyi wrestled with his hatred and fear of the Fire Nation when they took on the mission to help an unrepentant Fire Nation general.[1][2]


Xinyi could be chilly and standoffish, and regularly wrestled with both their past actions and their fear and hatred of the Fire Nation.[2]


Xinyi was a capable earthbender and made use of giant spherical rocks that spun around himself. He would often step into the way of blows intended for his allies during a fight.[2]


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