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"Please forgive us our unintentional disrespect! We've since covered our tattoos in deference to true airbenders!"
— Xing Ying apologizing to Aang for unintentionally disrespecting Air Nomad culture.[1]

Xing Ying was one of the founders and the only president of the Yu Dao chapter of the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club. She was taught the ways of the Air Nomads by Avatar Aang and became one of the first Air Acolytes, along with the rest of the club.[1]


Meeting Avatar Aang[]

When Xing Ying first met Aang, the Avatar expressed his appreciation of the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club's dedication to the Air Nomad culture, pointing out that even the clothes they wore were just like what the Air Nomads from the Western Air Temple used to wear. She assured Aang that they devoted many hours to the study of the Air Nomad philosophy. When she revealed to Aang the tattoos that the members possessed were real, however, Aang felt that his culture was being treated like a game. Although she tried to explain herself, a frustrated Aang stormed out of the room before she could say anything.

Later, when the conflict between the forces of the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and Yu Dao started, she emerged from the city wearing, along with her fellow members, headbands to cover their tattoos in an attempt to apologize. Xing Ying stated that they were truly embarrassed and meant no disrespect. Though when she explained that they were there to help defend Aang, he simply told them to return home. Despite Aang's request, she and the other members stayed to help separate the forces and finish the battle. She managed to defend herself by using her staff, and attempted to create peace by telling the soldiers that they should let their grievances depart from them like leaves in the wind.

She was later taught the ways of the Air Nomads by Avatar Aang when he realized that she and the other members had the hearts of Air Nomads, and eventually became one of the first Air Acolytes.[1]

Reviving Yangchen's Festival[]

Field trip

Xing Ying was excited to learn that Aang invited her and the other Air Acolytes to join him in the celebration of Yangchen's Festival.

After the end of the peace talks in Yu Dao, Xing Ying was present when Kori Morishita proudly announced the new coalition government of the city. She subsequently joined the other attendees to the celebration banquet. On the way there, she was asked by Aang whether or not she knew of any other Air Acolytes arriving late to the celebration, to which she replied that everyone who was supposed to be present was already there. When Aang left to chase the mysterious figure he saw, she continued to the banquet hall and found herself a seat with Yee-Li, Jingbo, Sokka, Katara, and Toph Beifong. When Aang returned later, she was excited to hear him announce that she would be accompanying him the following day on a field trip.

Xing Ying was thrilled to learn more about Yangchen's Festival, exclaiming that the celebration of the holiday sounded wonderful. When Toph refused to bow for the statue, which was the first part of the ceremony, and insulted the holiday, Aang taught Xing Ying that a true Air Nomad lets insults pass them by in order to preserve inner peace. Xing Ying did partake in the bowing ceremony and her excitement for the holiday's celebration only grew after that. For the next step, she took out her flute and joined Aang in creating traditional Air Nomad music to accompany the group's walk toward a sacred meadow where they were set to enjoy a ceremonial meal.

Xing Ying concerned

Xing Ying expressed concern about Aang when he once again noticed Yangchen's spirit at the Earthen Fire Refinery.

Their walk led them toward a town, causing Xing Ying to ask Aang if the sacred meadow was located behind it. When it was discovered that the town was built atop the sacred ground, she was equally distraught as Aang. When the group ventured through town, she accompanied Aang, Katara, and the other Air Acolytes toward a fenced-off area from which a repugnant smell arose. She took pleasure in being catapulted in the air by Aang's earthbending over the fence and being caught with his airbending. However, soon after, they were discovered and subsequently attacked by four guards, who wanted to expel them from the private grounds for trespassing. She once again received a lesson about Air Nomad tradition, namely avoiding conflict unless absolutely necessary, and even then, contact should be kept to a minimum. She applauded Aang for his demonstration of the lesson by using his airbending to let the attacking guards knock each other out. She attended a tour of the Earthen Fire Refinery with the others, though grew worried when Aang once again stared off in the distance to Yangchen's apparition, who was only visible to him.[3]

Ogodei captured three Air Acolytes

Xing Ying was captured by Ogodei together with Yee-Li and Jingbo, before Toph Beifong used her metalbending to free them.

When Lao Beifong ordered the Rough Rhinos to escort Team Avatar and the Air Acolytes off the refinery's premises, Xing Ying was confused as to why Aang and the others assumed a battle stance, agreeing with Yee-Li that it was crazy how many rules they had already broken as an Air Acolyte. As the battle broke out, she and the others were ordered to find a safer place, though they found their path blocked by Ogodei, who threatened them with his bolo. Xing Ying and Yee-Li were saved by Jingbo, who drove the Rough Rhino away by charging him with a forklift. Xing Ying stopped the youngster from chasing Ogodei, as she deemed it inappropriate behavior for an Air Acolyte. By being distracted, however, she allowed Ogodei to sneak up on them and she found herself tied down together with Yee-Li by his metal chain, while Jingbo was grabbed by his collar. She was released soon after by Toph, who used her metalbending to take out Ogodei, and subsequently received a lecture from the earthbender that she needed to care more about the present than about ancient Air Nomad traditions if she were to have a future.

Cabbage merchant's restaurant

Yee-Li joined Aang, Xing Ying, and Jingbo at a local restaurant to share the ceremonial meal for Yangchen's Festival.

After the battle, Xing Ying reiterated to Aang that they accompanied him that day in order to learn Air Nomad traditions, prompting the Avatar to lead them back to town where the four of them were to have the ceremonial meal to celebrate Yangchen's Festival. She was led to a tree under which Aang and Gyatso used to eat the meal, though after finding it had been cut down, they entered the local restaurant that had been built on the same place in hopes of celebrating there. She helped prepare the setting and later joined hands with the others while Aang recited the blessing. She was surprised to learn, though, that before he was done, he had crossed over to the Spirit World, noting excitedly that he might be conversing with Avatar Yangchen. When another earthquake hit, rousing Aang out of his meditation, Xing Ying followed him outside and back to the factory grounds, where they learned of the cave-in of the local iron mine. She and the other Acolytes immediately took care of the wounded.[4]

The Air Acolytes waited as Aang and Toph's metalbending students tried to free those caved in. When Yee-Li asked who they were, Xing Ying confirmed their identities to her and said they were pretty great. After the successful rescue and Aang seeing another vision of Yangchen, the Acolytes were called on again to help finish the ceremonial meal, but they could not due to the vase being broken. Xing Ying and the others instead watched as Aang meditated to reconnect with his past lives. They continued to tend to the refinery's workers as the spirit General Old Iron emerged and targeted the town. Following the spirit's defeat, Xing Ying gave a bowl of food to Loban as part of the Acolytes' efforts to feed the workers.[5]

Several weeks later, Xing Ying participated in a group meditation at the Jasmine Dragon with her fellow Acolytes. As the session concluded, Xing Ying woke up Jingbo, who had fallen asleep while meditating.[6]

Three months after the defeat of Old Iron, Xing Ying helped lead the procession of the new Spirits' Friendship Festival through the town while playing a small horn.[5]

When the Air Acolytes started on repairs to the Eastern Air Temple, much of it had been ransacked. Xing Ying got a lead that someone had sold an important Air Nomad relic on the black market, which was kept in a highly secure estate, and was guarded by a mixed group of criminal benders who called themselves the Poison Dart.[7]


Xing Ying loved Air Nomad culture, and learned everything she could about Aang and the Air Nomads. This led her to tattooing herself in the style of airbending masters, but she failed to realize how it was disrespectful to the culture. She realized that making mistakes was part of the Air Acolytes' mission, and covered up part of her tattoo with a headband, while continuing to study Air Nomad culture with great enthusiasm.[2]


Though Xing Ying prefered resolving conflict through communication, in unavoidable fights she was very capable of defending herself. When possible, she always tried to bring the fight to a swift and peaceful conclusion.[2]


Graphic novels[]

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


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