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Xiadi was a secret rebel base hidden deep within the earth, housed in a massive sphere of stone and earth. It was located in the heart of the Earth Kingdom.[1]


During the late stages of the Hundred Year War, the heart of the Earth Kingdom was considered a very dangerous place, with bands of Fire Nation soldiers roving the land and rebels attacking various outposts. As traveling overland or river was nearly impossible without putting travelers in danger of facing large patrols of soldiers and various checkpoints, Xiadi was a way to avoid these issues.

In the late war, the Fire Nation had yet to discover Xiadi and did not know why Earth Kingdom rebels were so quick and accurate in their attacks. However, a Fire Nation spy named Aro eventually managed to infiltrate the rebels.

Xiadi was on the planned route of a group employed by the Earth Kingdom government to escort General Onomu to Ba Sing Se, though it was considered a great risk to take a defecting Fire Nation general through the base. The rebels known as the Armadillo Bears were present in the tunnels, looking for Onomu, while Aro was also present, ready to alert the Rough Rhinos or Fire Nation soldiers if he caught sight of the general.[1]

Layout and description[]

Xiadi was a rebel base housed deep within the earth, housed in a massive sphere of earth and stone. The chamber was lit by countless glowworm jars. The base itself was earthbent in blocky, utilitarian form, designed to be functional rather than pretty. The structures of Xiadi were typically not packed with people, but a steady susurrus of activity carried on throughout its roads.

Those who knew about Xiadi above ground and were looking to find it could look for the correct signs in the environment, hidden markers showing the opening of a secret tunnel.[1]

Notable figures[]

  • Yan - the commander of Xiadi, Yan was a scarred, grizzled soldier with a boisterous temperament. Yan was not interested in fighting any more, but still knew that the Earth Kingdom needed to be freed from the Fire Nation.
  • Losha - A local healer and medic for Xiadi, she stood by the sidelines as she saw soldier after soldier hurt by the fighting.
  • Aro - A Fire Nation spy hidden among the rebels, ready to alert the Rough Rhinos or Fire Nation soldiers if he saw Onomu.