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Xai Bau's Grove is a woodland area located in the Spirit World.[1]


In 171 AG, Aiwei and Zaheer met at Xai Bau's Grove at sundown, where the latter demanded an explanation from the truth seer for the Red Lotus' failed attempt to kidnap Avatar Korra at Zaofu. Aiwei defended himself by pointing out that any possible evidence that could compromise the group had been destroyed, though Zaheer was not satisfied, deeming Aiwei to be a loose end himself. As the airbender grabbed the seer's soul, Korra, who had been spying on them from behind a nearby tree, revealed herself, though before she could do anything, Zaheer disappeared. He reappeared shortly after, having done away with Aiwei in the Fog of Lost Souls, and offered Korra the chance to freely ask questions. As such, he revealed the existence of the Red Lotus and expressed his intentions to recreate the world in order to restore the natural order.[1]

In an attempt to stop Zaheer from destroying the Air Nation, Korra visited Xai Bau's Grove once again, hoping she would find Zaheer's spirit and be able to trap him there. However, she found Iroh instead, who advised her to talk to Lord Zuko if she wished to know what guidance her predecessor, Aang, might have given her.[2]


Xai Bau's Grove is located deep in the Spirit World in a canyon densely populated by trees. Grass covers the entirety of the grove and numerous rocks are scattered throughout the area. A single stream with red water runs through the hilly woodland and the sky bears a yellow-orange hue.[1]



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