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This article is about the creature in The Legend of Korra. For other similar uses, see Wolf (disambiguation).

The wolf is an animal that inhabits the polar regions of the world as well as some areas of the Earth Kingdom, particularly in rural regions secluded from human settlement.


In early 100 AG, while traveling through the woods of the northwestern Earth Kingdom, Katara, Sokka, and Bato heard the howl of a wolf. Katara commented that the animal sounded sad, to which Sokka replied that it was likely wounded. Bato informed the siblings that it had been separated from the pack, and that he understood that pain, as he endured it when the rest of the Water Tribe warriors were forced to leave him behind.[1]

Young Tarrlok bloodbending animals

A young Tarrlok practiced his bloodbending on a pack of wolves.

Sometime after 133 AG, in his quest for revenge against Republic City, Yakone began to teach his sons, Tarrlok and Noatak, the illegal art of bloodbending, forcing them to perform the technique on a pack of wolves. Tarrlok resented the practice of bloodbending upon realizing that it caused the creatures pain, whereas his brother, Noatak, did not feel the same empathy. Noatak bloodbent the wolves with ease, even dragging them to the ground and forcing them to stand on their hind legs and bow.[2]


The wolf is a sturdily-built, canine creature. The polar variety displays gray patches on the upper portions of its face, back, and tail, while the rest of its body is white.


These creatures are known to travel in packs, especially when searching for prey. Much like their real-world counterparts, these creatures can be aggressive and territorial toward potential threats.


  • The wolf is the third known animal to be bloodbent, the first two being the elephant rat[3] and the yak.[2]
  • Wolves are considered noble creatures in Water Tribe culture: The Tribes' iconic wolf armor and warrior's wolf tail hairstyle are based on the animal.
  • Sokka's jaw blade was made, in part, by sharpening the jawbone and teeth of a large wolf.[4]



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