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Willow was an Earth Sage who survived the mass purge of her order to become one of the Grand Lectors under Earth King Jialun.[1]


When the Earth Sage order was abolished in the Night of Silenced Sages, Willow was given the choice to either evolve or disappear forever. Rather than perish with the sages, Willow accepted a new teaching position. She became a Grand Lector in the Royal Learning Halls and vowed to never speak of the sages again.

Those who still remembered the sages fondly regarded Willow as a traitor to her order despite her hidden desire to rebel. Being truly furious about what happened to the sages, she worked to preserve their knowledge for a time when the destroyed order of sages may be resurrected. To that end, she searched for allies who could help her smuggle ancient scrolls to safe locations and uncover what happened to her missing colleagues.[1]


Willow was a soft-spoken woman externally. Many did not recognize the spark of rebellion that burned within her or her fury over what happened to the order of sages.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


  • In the All-Star Actual Play which served as the inspiration for An Urgent Request, Ify Nwadiwe claimed that Willow had secretly begun organizing a movement to restore the Earth Sages. This movement included Boin.[2][3] However, this detail was not included in the official release of An Urgent Request.[4]