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This page is about the flower. For the organization, see Order of the White Lotus.
White lotus tornado

Avatar Kuruk created a white lotus tornado to impress young Air Nomad girls.

The white lotus is a flower known for its beauty and cultural significance. There is a Pai Sho tile styled after it, as well as an organization named after it: the Order of the White Lotus. The flower's shape and color were used in the design of the Order of the White Lotus' wardrobe, as well as other instances, such as the various motifs in and around Piandao's estate.[1] The organization has a secret Pai Sho game designed to construct a flower on the board, as a way of acknowledging each other's title in the Order.[2]

Avatar Kuruk used several of these flowers to impress a group of Air Nomad girls, which he did by generating a tornado.[3]


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