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White dragon bush

The white dragon bush produces red and white blossoms at the ends of vines.

The white dragon bush (Chinese: 白龍花) is a rare, flowering plant that grows in the eastern Earth Kingdom. Once plentiful, the flower has become a rarity due to over-harvesting. Its leaves and flowers are famed as a tea-making ingredient, as they are said to produce a tea "so delicious, it's heartbreaking". As such, the plant is highly prized by makers of fine teas. The white dragon bush grows naturally in forested areas where there is an abundance of shade.[1]

Due to its appearance, the white dragon bush is sometimes confused with the poisonous white jade bush, causing misinformed tea lovers, such as Iroh, to ingest the latter instead. However, if explained by a local, their differences become easily discernible.[2]

Skilled herbalists should easily remember the difference: white dragon petals are reddish-pink with white streaks, while white jade petals are white with dark orange streaks.


  • Governor Te Sihung once sent Yun, when he was believed to be the Avatar, a single white dragon seed as a gift.[3]


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