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The White Lotus sentries[4] are low-ranking members of the Order of the White Lotus.


Protecting the Avatar[]

Following the conclusion of the Hundred Year War, the Order of the White Lotus gathered the courage to reveal themselves to the world. Before Avatar Aang died in 153 AG, he instructed the Order to watch over the next incarnation of the Avatar during their training.[4]

In accordance with Aang's request, protecting and training the new Avatar became the organization's priority when the White Lotus leader and two other members discovered the new Avatar, a girl named Korra, at the Southern Water Tribe. The society created a compound dedicated to these objectives, and it was there where many sentries were stationed to closely watch over the Avatar.[5]

White Lotus sentries at the dock

The White Lotus sentries waited at the dock of Air Temple Island in order to bring the Avatar back to the South Pole.

After Avatar Korra escaped to Republic City to find Aang's son, Tenzin, the airbender ordered her to return to the Southern Water Tribe. A small group of the Order's sentries arrived at Air Temple Island that night with the intention of returning to the South Pole with the Avatar immediately. Before the sentries had taken Korra onto the ship, however, Tenzin reconsidered, and decided that Korra's airbending training should begin, thereby allowing her to stay on the island.[5]

Many sentries were relocated to Air Temple Island after Korra's move, continuing to carry out Aang's death wish of protecting his reincarnation. They had a small building for themselves where they often listened to pro-bending matches via the radio. The sentries were even present in the island's dining hall during a few of Korra's meals, making sure that the Avatar would remain on the island, a task they were not always able to bring to a successful end.[6]

Equalist crisis[]

White Lotus sentries fighting Equalists

Korra's guards fought Equalists during the battle for Republic City.

During the Equalists' attack on the air temple, the White Lotus sentries witnessed the arrival of the Equalist airships from their elevated quarters and rushed toward the main courtyard to confront the Equalist raiders. They launched a barrage of firebending, earthbending, and waterbending attacks, and, with the help of Lin Beifong and Tenzin's children, eventually defeated the invaders. On orders from the former Chief of Police, they locked the captured Equalists up in the temple's basement. The tides quickly changed, however, when more airships made their way over from the mainland and deployed more Equalists on the island, prompting the residents to prepare for a quick departure. To allow Avatar Korra and her friends enough time to escape the island, four sentries remained behind to thwart and delay any possible pursuit of the Avatar by Equalists forces.[1]

With the fall of Air Temple Island, a number of White Lotus sentries were captured and brought before Amon, who removed their bending abilities using his advanced bloodbending.[7]

Red Lotus[]

After the Harmonic Convergence, five sentries ventured to a prison high in the mountains to deliver food to the prisoner, Zaheer. However, the sentries were overpowered when the prisoner suddenly began airbending through the bars of his prison, and he subsequently managed to escape.[2] Sometime later, the White Lotus sentries guarding a prisoner named Ghazan in a wooden cell in the middle of the ocean were ambushed when Zaheer, who had disguised himself as a sentry, arrived at the prison via a speedboat. Zaheer supplied Ghazan with pieces of earth which he could bend, and together they defeated the remaining guards. Later, the sentries stationed at a prison in the middle of a volcano were ambushed and defeated by Zaheer and Ghazan, who proceeded to free the prisoner, Ming-Hua.

White Lotus prison

The White Lotus sentries were tasked with guarding the high-security prisons that held the captured Red Lotus members.

Former Fire Lord Zuko met with a White Lotus sentry after Ming-Hua's escape and decided to travel to the Northern Water Tribe to visit an ice prison in the western tundra and prevent the escape of another criminal, P'Li.[3] The sentries guarding P'Li's prison, however, soon found themselves confronted and overwhelmed by Ming-Hua, allowing for the escape of P'Li despite the additional efforts made by Zuko, Tonraq, Desna and Eska.[8]

Two White Lotus sentries were stationed on Air Temple Island at the time Zaheer infiltrated the island in search of the Avatar and was unmasked by Kya. They attempted to assist the waterbender against Zaheer, but the criminal overpowered them and fled the island.[9]

After Zaheer was defeated by Avatar Korra, sentries from the White Lotus were once again tasked with guarding the criminal, though this time they were stationed at a prison located within the bowels of the mountains near Republic City.[10] Three years later, sentries became responsible for Kuvira's incarceration and transportation outside her secure prison holding following her failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations.[11]


The White Lotus sentries' uniforms are very similar to the uniforms worn by higher-ranking members of the Order in 170 AG; however, they wear a helmet with the Order of the White Lotus' insignia on it, while higher-ranking members do not.


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