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The Order of the White Lotus set up its camp in the Agrarian Zone of Ba Sing Se in preparation for their plan to liberate the Earth Kingdom capital from the Fire Nation upon the arrival of Sozin's Comet.[2]


After Nyla was unable to find Aang, Zuko decided to track Iroh with the scent of one of his sandals. June led them to the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, and told the group that Iroh was close by. The group camped there and decided to start their search again at dawn. However, that night, the group was approached by Bumi, Jeong Jeong, Pakku, and Piandao, who revealed themselves to be members of the Order of the White Lotus. After a brief conversation, they took the group to their camp, which Bumi referred to as "old people camp". Upon arrival at the camp, Piandao led Zuko to Iroh's tent. Zuko was initially hesitant to enter the tent, but eventually did where he found Iroh sleeping soundly. When Iroh awoke the next morning, the two tearfully reunited. The following day, it was decided that Zuko would return to the Fire Nation on Appa in order to claim the throne when Ozai was defeated. Katara agreed to go with Zuko, in case he needed help to fight Azula. Sokka, Suki, and Toph were to go to Ozai's airship base on a giant eel hound to aid Aang, who was still missing, in any way they could.[1]


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