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This article is about the pro-bending team. For the hybrid creature, see wolfbat.

The White Falls Wolfbats are a pro-bending team and the four-time defending champions of the sport.[1] The team consists of its captain Tahno, Ming, and Shaozu.[2] The wolfbats tended to be extravagant in their actions, and their introduction even included numerous fireworks and complicated wolfbat costumes.[3]


The members of the team were popular among Republic City's female citizens and often had a crowd of fangirls following them. Prior to Avatar Korra's arrival in Republic City, the team had won three consecutive pro-bending championships.

As part of their run to a fourth title, the Wolfbats achieved a quick and brutal victory in their semifinal match, seriously injuring their opponents in the process.[1] In the final match of the tournament against the Fire Ferrets, they won a closely contested but controversially refereed match. They nearly won in round one with an apparent knockout, but Korra and Mako were able to hang on to the ring's edge before the former launched Mako onto the ring again. In round two, the Wolfbats turned to various illegal moves which were entirely ignored by the match's official, but they failed to capture the round when Korra defeated Tahno in a tiebreaker. They continued their illegal moves in round three, resorting to such tactics as combining elements, ice, and headshots. They eventually won with a knockout that consisted of broken earth disks in shots of water. The illegal attack secured their title, continuing their winning streak.[3]

Wolfbats defeated

The Wolfbats were left powerless after being stripped of their bending by Amon.

However, after the Wolfbats' victory, the Equalists attacked the arena. When Amon and several Equalists approached them, the Wolfbats launched an onslaught of attacks to defend themselves. The intruders easily evaded the team's attacks, and after doing so, Amon stripped each member of their bending. They were subsequently tossed into the water around the ring where they managed to swim their way to the exit.[3]

Sometime following the Anti-bending Revolution, the Wolfbats' members had their bending restored by Korra and returned to competition. Following the events of the Unalaq Crisis, the Wolfbats participated in a charity pro-bending tournament to help repair damages done to Republic City. The team made it to the finals, where they were defeated by their old rivals, the Fire Ferrets.[4]



Main article: Tahno

Tahno is the team's captain and waterbender, and enjoyed taunting his opponents.

Tahno is the Wolfbats' team captain and waterbender. He is a talented waterbender and a strong pro-bender; he was also aware of his skill. He considered the Fire Ferrets not to be anywhere near his level, and even offered to give Korra some "private lessons".[1] Despite his waterbending prowess, Tahno still resorted to using illegal tactics to win the championship match, including using ice and employing the use of rocks within some of his waterbending attacks to further the damage they caused upon impact. To Tahno, nothing was more important than his bending and he considered it a strong part of his identity. When Amon threatened him by taking his bending, he begged Amon to spare him, even offering the championship pot or anything else he could have wanted.[3]


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Ming (pro-bender)

Ming is the team's earthbender.

Ming is the Wolfbats' earthbender. He is a skilled earthbender and talented pro-bender. Despite his talent, he still resorted to using illegal moves during the championship match against the Fire Ferrets. This included attempting and making use of illegal headshots as well as crushing rocks to subsequently bend them into water for Tahno to attack their opponents.[3]


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Shaozu firebending

Shaozu is the team's firebender.

Shaozu is the Wolfbats' firebender. Like both of his teammates, he is a talented firebender and pro-bender, and is confident with his skills. He also resorted to cheating in the championship pot against the Fire Ferrets. Shaozu, like Ming, fired several illegal headshots against his opponents, in a desperate attempt to stop them from gaining territory.[3]


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