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Whale tooth comb

Hama retained her whale tooth comb from her early years in the Southern Water Tribe.

The whale tooth comb is a scrimshaw grooming implement and the only artifact Hama still possessed from her youth. After she was captured by Fire Nation soldiers, Hama hid the comb in the entangled knots of her dread-locked hair for years.[2] Following her escape, she cut it out of her hair and kept it in a locked box in the attic of her inn.[1]


While Team Avatar was staying at Hama's inn, Sokka became suspicious of the innkeeper and sought to investigate. After scouring through the house, he came upon a peculiar room with only a small, locked chest in it. Katara and Aang wished to leave the elderly woman's possessions alone, but Toph began to pick the lock with her bracelet. Just as they were about to see what was inside, Hama entered the room, frightening all four of them. She showed them what was inside of the box, the whale tooth comb, and revealed that she was also from the Southern Water Tribe.[1]


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