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Wes Dzioba is a comic colorist and letterer who helped produce numerous Avatar comics.

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Dzioba was born in Manitoba, Canada. He and his family soon moved to Winnipeg, which is where he met his wife Heather and had two sons, Silas and Sawyer.[3]


His first job as a comic colorist was earned when he answered an ad in a local newspaper for work at Digital Chameleon in 1996. Although he was at first rejected, Dzioba reapplied in 1997 and got the job.[3] He is a graphic artist capable of digital painting, layout, photo editing, and lettering. Dzioba is currently working on multiple projects that include Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi, The Phineas and Ferb Magazine, and Spider Man and His Amazing Friends, which was published in the United Kingdom.[1] He became a freelance colorist after his job at Sno Cone Studios was terminated due to the company's closing,[3] taking jobs from Dark Horse Comics, Nickelodeon, DC Entertainment, and Disney Publishing Worldwide.[1]


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