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Wei Tia is the chief lieutenant of the Terra Triad in Republic City.[1]


Within the Terra Triad, Wei Tia was technically below his boss, Steely Ning. However, since Steely Ning was really just San Ho's pawn, Wei Tia was the one that triad members actually looked to. Wei Tia was aware that without San Ho's massive influx of cash, the Terra Triad would have fallen apart. However, Wei Tia was worried after coming to see and understand the scope of San Ho's plot. He understood San Ho's desire to take vengeance on those who had wronged him, but he knew that harming the First Gentleman would threaten to bring the wrath of the Republic City Police on the Terra Triad if it was successful. Although he did not have strong feelings about Wakkanai, he knew that if the city started facing water shortages as a result of the bombings, the people most likely to suffer were the poor and powerless, many of whom were those who Wei Tia thought of as friends, family, and neighbors. As a result, Wei Tia was torn between his loyalty to the Triad (and his fearful respect of San Ho) and his concerns about what the plot might really do. As the plot drew nearer, Wei Tia became closer to stopping San Ho and Steely Ning.[1]

Wei Tia lived in an apartment in the Dragon Flats borough.[2] He spent a lot of time at the Ba Mi Ting Dumpling Headquarters, an important location for "business" in the criminal underworld of Republic City,[3] and also spent time back and forth between City Hall to see Commissioner Chao, who was being bribed by San Ho.[4]


Wei Tia feels a strong sense of duty and wants to protect his friends, family, and neighbors. He is loyal to the triad and respects San Ho's help, but puts those he cared about above his commitment to Steely Ning or San Ho.[5]


Wei Tia is a skilled earthbender. He can use earth armor to protect himself, and usually shifts the ground beneath others to disorient them.[5]


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