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This article is about the waterfall from "The Serpent's Pass". For the location from "The Waterbending Scroll", see waterfall lagoon.

This waterfall pond, located in the northern outskirts of the Si Wong Desert, is a delightful respite for travelers who have spent many days traveling through the desert. This vista is also quite close to the Serpent's Pass.

The waterfall pond is a freshwater pond, suitable for bathing and even drinking, making this location an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Flanked by a large, tiered cliff on one side where a waterfall gushes into the pond below, the pond is also a good place to play around by using the high tiers as diving boards to jump into the water.[1]


After escaping the dry sands of the Si Wong Desert, Aang and his friends relaxed here while on their journey to Ba Sing Se. While Sokka was perched over his map and Toph was paddling, Aang enjoyed the cool waters of the pond, and, playfully drifting around, encased himself in a giant ice cube. Katara, on the other hand, dived off an overhanging cliff and created a "waterbending bomb", much to the dismay of Sokka, as the water had splashed his "five thousand year old maps from the spirit library". Right when the team had decided that they would take the Serpent's Pass to Ba Sing Se, they encountered Than, his sister, and his pregnant wife, Ying. Upon learning that the Serpent's Pass was a deadly route, only taken by those who were truly desperate, the team decided to join the Earth Kingdom refugees on their journey toward Full Moon Bay, where they would take the ferry across the lake to the Earth Kingdom capital.[2]


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