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This article is about the waterfall from the episode "The Waterbending Scroll". For the location from "The Serpent's Pass", see waterfall pond.

The waterfall lagoon is a system of springs and waterfalls located in the southern United Republic of Nations,[1] formerly the western Earth Kingdom. Considered a hidden paradise for travelers who venture upriver from the ocean, it offers a vast supply of water and is an ideal location to develop skill in the art of waterbending, or to simply relax.[2]


On their journey to the Northern Water Tribe, Team Avatar decided to make camp in the forest on the shores of this lagoon.[3]

After being informed by Avatar Roku that Sozin's Comet would return the following summer,[4] Aang was briefed by Katara on the basic forms of waterbending and received demonstrations of certain moves from her. Much to her dismay, Aang quickly discovered his natural skill in waterbending and had little trouble mastering the moves Katara taught him, learning them almost immediately while the latter took much longer. After several minutes of tutelage, Aang created a massive wave, which, much to her annoyance, Katara lacked the skill to create, washing away the gang's supplies down the river and soaking Sokka.

Shortly after stealing a waterbending scroll from a band of pirates, Katara returned to the waterfall lagoon and attempted to learn the single water whip, an advanced waterbending form she had trouble mastering. After Aang performed the move perfectly without any complications, Katara finally snapped, but soon regretted her actions. To show her remorse, she gave up her right to use the scroll and handed it over to Aang.

However, during the night, she succumbed to temptation and took the scroll, practiced away from the campsite, and eventually attracted the attention of her pursuers, resulting in her capture. The pirates continued to search the woods near the lagoon, and eventually found and apprehended Aang and Sokka.

After the pirates decided to keep the Avatar in order to receive a larger payment from the Fire Lord, Zuko initiated a duel, and a fight ensued on the shore of the waterfall lagoon. After several minutes of quarreling, Team Avatar successfully escaped on Appa while the pirates plunged over the waterfall with a small boat from Zuko's ship.[3]


The base of the waterfall.

The lagoon is relatively hidden, which allows for privacy to those who decide on taking up temporary shelter by the lagoon, and provides safety for groups or individuals who prefer to remain incognito.

The waterfall lagoon is located in close proximity to the seedy merchants pier; thus, travelers who decide to dwell within the lagoon's perimeters have markets and wares readily available for purchase nearby.


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