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This article is about the object. For the episode in which the scroll was featured, see "The Waterbending Scroll".
Waterbending scroll

The waterbending scroll illustrates combative waterbending forms.

The waterbending scroll is an authentic, illustrated document that provides a guide for waterbenders wishing to learn combative techniques and forms, without requiring a physical teacher.[1]


Legends of the Water Tribe state that the scroll was once owned by a resident of the Northern Water Tribe, but it was subsequently stolen by pirates.[2]

The pirate captain later found a nobleman from the Earth Kingdom who was interested in buying the scroll at the price of two hundred gold pieces; however, upon their visit to the pirates' shop, Team Avatar became interested in purchasing the scroll. After an unsuccessful attempt by Aang at haggling with the pirates, Katara stole it, wishing to learn from the scroll.[1]

Several months later, Katara donated the scroll to Wan Shi Tong's Library in exchange for the spirit's permission to peruse his library's vast collection of knowledge.[3]


  • Figure 1-4: Beginning Posture (Ch'i Shih).
  • Figure 5-7: Grasp Sparrow's Tail, Ward-off Left Posture (Lan Ch'iao Wei, P'eng, Tso).
  • Figure 8-10: Turn and Strike with Heel Posture (Chuan Shen Teng Chiao).
  • Figure 11: Squatting Whip Posture (Tan Pien Hsia Shih) (單鞭下式).
  • Figure 12: Brush Left Knee and Twist Step Posture (Tso Lou Hsi Yao Pu).
  • Figure 13-18: Single Whip Posture (Tan Pien) (單鞭).
  • Figure 19-20: Grasp Sparrow's Tail, Press (Lan Ch'iao Wei, Chi).
  • Figure 21-22: Grasp Sparrow's Tail, Push (Lan Ch'iao Wei, An).


Film - Waterbending scroll

The waterbending scroll in The Last Airbender is larger and more elaborate.

  • The move on the top of the scroll is the same move that Pakku, as the shadowed waterbender in the opening, demonstrates.
  • The book The Lost Scrolls: Water states that the waterbending scroll contains ancient techniques believed to be lost forever.
  • The illustrations on the waterbending scroll are based on the 24-step form of Tai Chi.[4]
  • All of the moves shown on the scroll are used in the series.
  • The waterbending scroll in The Last Airbender is much larger and more elaborate than the one from the show. Furthermore, it was found in an Earth Kingdom town in the film, rather than on a pirate boat.
  • The only move that Katara is known to have tried from the scroll is the water whip.


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