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For the similar hairstyle used in the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, see Top-knot. For a hairstyle used by female members of the Water Tribe, see Hair loopies.
Warrior's wolf tail

Sokka pointed out the warrior's wolf tail's real name in response to Katara mocking it as a ponytail.

A warrior's wolf tail is a hairstyle worn by male Water Tribe warriors. The wolf tail differs from a top-knot in that it is simply hair pulled back tightly and tied behind the crown of the head, rather than being tightly curled into a knot on top of the scalp. Since both styles are so similar, Sokka was able to make only minor alterations to his hairstyle to blend in with citizens of the Fire Nation during Team Avatar's travels there.

The warrior's wolf tail is analogous to "hair loopies" worn by women in the Southern Water Tribe in that most people in the respective genders wear the hairstyle.


Sokka's wolf tail

Sokka continued to don the wolf tail in his later years.

Sokka wore the warrior's wolf tail during his journeys around the world. When Katara mockingly called it a "ponytail", Sokka pointed out the name of the style, but upon hearing the name, she again poked fun at him by saying that the style told the other warriors that he was "fun and perky".[1]

Sokka later gave up his wolf tail for a top-knot in order to blend in better during his time in the Fire Nation,[2] but wore it again during the invasion of the Fire Nation and for the rest of team's journey.

In his later years, Sokka continued to sport this hair style, albeit in a modified version. He donned the wolf tail when he was the chairman of the United Republic Council.[3]


  • There are two names that are used to refer to this hairstyle. Avatar Extras called Sokka's hairstyle a warrior's wolf knot, but Sokka himself called it a warrior's wolf tail. Other characters simply referred to it as a "ponytail", and have been known to make fun of him because of it.[1][4]
  • Sokka's wolf tail in The Legend of Korra resembles a Japanese hairstyle called a chonmage, a hairstyle common in the Edo period.


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