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The warden was the chief authority of the Fire Nation's most secure prison, the Boiling Rock, and prided himself on upholding the prison's reputation as an impenetrable and inescapable fortress. He was the brother of Michi,[2][3] brother-in-law of the Governor of New Ozai, and uncle of Mai and Tom-Tom.


Early life

The warden's family stemmed from a rural Fire Nation village.[4] He eventually joined the prison service, rising to leader of the Capital City Prison before being appointed as head of the Boiling Rock.[2] After shifting to the island fortress, the warden ensured that numerous escape attempts of its inmates remained unsuccessful. This way, he maintained the Boiling Rock's reputation as the most secure prison in the Fire Nation.[3]

100 AG

An unusual escape attempt

Following Chit Sang's detainment in the cooler for firebending, the warden came to him and told him that he was informed by a guard that he had attempted to escape with his firebending; he was unaware that Chit Sang had done so in self-defense. He warned him that he would rather jump in the lake rather than let a prisoner escape.

Later, when it was discovered that Zuko had disguised himself as a guard, the warden came to visit him, instantly recognizing him. When Zuko asked him how he knew his identity, the warden revealed that he was Mai's uncle. He subsequently told Zuko to behave, cautioning that if the other inmates discovered his identity, he would almost certainly be killed. Zuko asked why he did not just tell Fire Lord Ozai and collect a reward, to which the warden stated that he intended to eventually turn Zuko in.

He later discovered Chit Sang's escape attempt when the latter screamed after being burned by the lake's scalding water. He ordered the escapees be recaptured and placed in coolers, and that the entire prison be placed on lock-down, due to the fact that there were new prisoners arriving.[1]

The warden greeted the new prisoners upon their arrival. In his usual arrogant fashion, he told them that their time in the Boiling Rock would be pleasant, so long as they behaved. He stopped at Hakoda, who refused to look him in the eyes, and ordered him to do so. After being tripped by the Southern Water Tribe chief, he angrily ordered the new prisoners into their cells.

The warden expressed shock at seeing Princess Azula and Ty Lee at his prison.

Afterward, he went to interrogate Chit Sang about the escape attempt. The warden knew that someone had helped him plan the escape, knowing that he and his associates lacked the intelligence to do so. The warden proceeded to have Chit Sang tortured until he confessed. Eventually, the prisoner succumbed to the torture and revealed that it was a man disguised as a guard who came up with the plan.

The warden forced Chit Sang to pick the impostor out of a line-up, and failed to notice Sokka's anxiousness. When Chit Sang pointed at the guard who had harassed him yesterday as the culprit, the warden fell for the ruse, and personally interrogated the guard moments later, believing that he was the culprit as he had thrown Chit Sang into the same cooler he used to escape the previous day. The guard stated that it was just a coincidence, when the door opened behind him, revealing Princess Azula, who told him that the guard he was interrogating was not the mastermind behind the escape plan. Despite not giving any real evidence for knowing this, the warden believed her.[5]

Prison break

Much to his dismay, the warden arrived at the prison yard to discover that all prisoners had been released from their cells, despite his earlier lock-down order, and that a riot was ongoing. Unaware that the chaos was the foundation for an escape attempt, he left to take control of the situation, but was captured by Suki who, alongside Sokka, Hakoda, Chit Sang, and Zuko, was absconding from the prison. The five of them used the warden as a hostage to safely board the gondola.

The warden ordered his guards to cut the line.

While riding the gondola, the escapees were confronted by and forced to contend with Azula and Ty Lee, who had arrived on scene. During the scuffle, the warden managed to break free from his restraints and yelled to the guards to cut the line. Chit Sang and Hakoda managed to restrain him, but the guards had already received their orders and began cutting the line. However, Mai intervened, saving Zuko and the others from certain death. The gondola managed to cross the lake where the escapees fled with Hakoda telling the warden that his record was officially broken.[5]

After Ozai was overthrown and the Hundred Year War ended, the warden managed to free both his niece and Ty Lee from their imprisonment at the orders of Princess Azula.[6]


The warden was angered after Hakoda tripped him to the floor.

The warden was extremely demanding and impatient. Skilled in his profession, he was particularly proud of the perfect record of the Boiling Rock, as no prisoner had ever escaped prior to 100 AG, a record he valued even above his own life.[5] He was bossy and demeaning when he talked to prisoners and guards, only treating prisoners well on a few occasions, but mostly in condescending ways.

Despite his obvious lack of kindness, he demonstrated a softer side, especially toward his family, as he was angry that Zuko broke up with Mai.[1] He also helped her and Ty Lee gain their freedom from prison, despite the fact his niece helped Zuko, Sokka, and the others escape the Boiling Rock, thereby shattering the warden's otherwise perfect record in prisoner containment.[1][6]




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • This warden used to be in charge of the Prison Tower located in the Fire Nation Capital.[2]
  • The warden was voiced by American actor Wade Williams, who has a starring role as Captain Brad Bellick on Fox's television series Prison Break, about a man jailed for a crime he did not commit, who later tries to escape from prison.
  • During the previews at the New York Comic-Con in 2008, it was revealed that his design is based on one of the show's staff members, Oh Seung-hyun.
  • In the Finnish dub, the warden says he is Ukano's brother, which contradicts the information given in the Avatar Extras for "The Boiling Rock, Part 1".


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