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The warden's bodyguards were elite guards, handpicked by the prison warden of the Boiling Rock to ensure his safety from anything that could threaten his welfare. The guards took their job seriously, following their boss around wherever he went, shadowing his every movement.[2] They were well known throughout the prison as the best interrogators, as they were willing to use harmful methods on inmates that were uncooperative during questioning.[3]


In the summer of 100 AG, after Chit Sang was discovered attempting to escape the Boiling Rock, these guards proceeded to interrogate him. Their questioning, however, ultimately proved unsuccessful, as Chit Sang lied about the identity of the mastermind of his escape attempt. Later, during a second attempt to escape the prison, the bodyguards were unsuccessful in preventing Suki from kidnapping the warden.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • The warden's bodyguards supposedly made a very tasty peanut sauce and banana-nut sandwich.[3]


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