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Wangmo's Island, alternatively called the Isle of Zheng, is a small island not far from Republic City. It is part of a usually fog-covered archipelago. At some point before the Hundred Year War, the island hosted a significant Air Nomad presence, including a rather large stone hermitage which had originally served as the home of Master Wangmo, an Air Nun. At some point during Avatar Korra's lifetime, the site was occupied by Zheng's pirates.[1]


At some point before the Air Nomad Genocide, the island became the home of Wangmo, an Air Nun who achieved some renown during her lifetime. Wangmo originally built a "hut" for herself, but either during her own life or after her passing, a large stone hermitage was also erected. This included a statue of the Air Nomad master, depicting her burping.

The hermitage was eventually abandoned and gradually overgrown by the surrounding forest. Following the Hundred Year War, Avatar Aang rediscovered the site, and would regularily come there to relax and remember his fun side. After Aang's death, a pirate group led by a "Queen", Zheng, took control of the island. They renamed it the "Isle of Zheng" and declared part of it "forbidden" to outsiders. The pirates eventually acquired biplanes, using them to patrol the island and rob anyone trespassing.

Wangmo Statue

The statue of Wangmo

Around 174 AG, Bumi and Meelo visited the island, searching for Wangmo's hermitage. After overcoming some of Zheng's pirates, they found Wangmo's old home and her burping statue.[1]


  • The island hosted a large population of feral cat owls. According to Bumi, the surrounding waters hosted many tiger orcas.[1]


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