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Wan's teapot is gray in coloration, with a beige swirl near the opening on either side.

This teapot is a small kettle that originally belonged to the first Avatar, Wan, who used it to carry a weakened Raava until the Harmonic Convergence in 9,829 BG, when the two permanently merged to become one.[1] It was eventually found by Iroh in the Spirit World, and he uses it frequently in his teashop located near Hai-Riyo Peak. According to him, tea served from the kettle still retains a hint of residual light.[2]


Wan placed a severely weakened Raava inside of the teapot, as a means of transporting her to the spirit portal in the South Pole before Harmonic Convergence.

Wan typically used the teapot to make tea while he lived with Yao and Jaya in a tree house in a city atop a fire lion turtle.[3] He later gained possession of it in the Spirit Wilds and used it to carry a severely weakened Raava across the Spirit Wilds to the spirit portal located in the South Pole. In the battle that ensued, Wan urged Raava to possess him, so that he could have access to all four bending arts, prompting Raava to fly out from the teapot, which had been strapped to Mula's saddle.[1]

The teapot eventually ended up in Iroh's possession, who found it lying around in the Spirit World years later. When Korra had tea with Iroh in 171 AG, she recognized the object as hers. Iroh affirmed this and revealed how the teapot belonged to her when she was Avatar Wan. He went on to identify it as one of his most valued possessions, before telling Korra that he enjoyed tea brewed from the pot as it still had remnants of Raava's essence.[2]


Wan's teapot is gray in coloration, with a beige lid. The handle, in contrast, is wooden, with three knots attaching it to the teapot.


  • Wan and Iroh both had teacups bearing the same swirl pattern as the teapot.


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