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The term "Walrus yak" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The walrus yak is a chimerical creature. The head of the creature was found mounted on display in Wan Shi Tong's Library.[1]


The walrus yak has the snout and tusks of a walrus mixed with the ears, spiraled horns, and long fur of a yak. The rest of its body has not been seen.

The creature itself is large enough that its head is comparable in size to that of a spider cat. No eyes were visible on the creature's head at a glance. The walrus yak's long fur was white, suggesting origins in an arctic environment.


The walrus yak is a direct link between its two namesakes, the walrus and the yak. Its head displays the tusks, mouth, and nose of a walrus, and the horns and fur of the yak.


  • The fact that a walrus yak's head was present in Wan Shi Tong's Library stated that he was a very knowledgeable person who has visited a lot of places or has had a lot of visitors, which also shows why he hates humans, some who might have caused harm to his library.
  • A similar looking mounted head was among the many curios on the pirate ship. The head floated down the river after the ship fell off a lagoon. However, as opposed to the walrus yak, this animal had brown fur.[2]


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