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Viper was the leader of the Triple Threat Triad. He rose to this position in 171 AG after his predecessor lost his bending abilities. An arrogant and devious man, Viper, along with Two Toed Ping and Mushi, ran a protection racket in the downtown area of Republic City before becoming a crime boss. Following the chaotic aftermath of Kuvira's failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations, Viper was replaced as leader of the Triple Threat Triad by Tokuga,[3] who eventually killed him.[2]


170 AG

Encountering the Avatar

Viper pulled up to Mr. Chung's phonograph shop with Two Toed Ping and Mushi on the day of Avatar Korra's first arrival in Republic City. As the Triple Threats approached the shop, the waterbender demanded Mr. Chung give them the money he supposedly owed them, to which the shopkeeper replied that his business had been slow lately, causing an insufficient supply of money at the time. When Mr. Chung offered one of his phonographs as payment instead, Two Toed Ping destroyed it with a quick kick while the waterbending mobster stated that his friend was not a music lover.

Viper knocked out

Viper was knocked out by Korra.

Just as Viper was about to threaten Mr. Chung once more, Avatar Korra intervened, causing the Triple Threat Triad members to burst out laughing. The waterbender informed Korra that she was in Triple Threat Triad territory and that they were about to put her in the hospital. Korra responded by saying that it was they who were about to need a hospital, to which Viper replied by asking Korra, "Who do you think you are?" After the Avatar provoked the waterbender with one additional statement, he immediately launched a stream of water from the inside of his jacket, only to have it redirected back at him and frozen around his head by Korra. As the man was stumbling around, Korra kicked him in the head, causing him to smash his frozen head into the front of his Satomobile, shattering the ice and temporarily knocking him out.

A few moments later, after Korra had thrown Two Toed Ping through a nearby shop window, Viper, along with Mushi, signaled for Two Toed Ping to get into the Satomobile so they could escape the Avatar. As they attempted to drive away, however, Korra earthbent part of the road and caused the Satomobile to crash into another shop. The waterbending mobster consequently fell out of the Satomobile as the door swung open. A few moments later, the Metalbending Police Force arrived on the scene and arrested the three mobsters.[1]

171 AG

Double-crossing Mako and Asami

In the course of a year, Viper managed to get out of jail and, after Lightning Bolt Zolt lost his bending to Amon, took over as the triad's leader. It was in this position that he was approached by Mako, who was looking to hire the Triple Threats as muscle on a below-radar sting operation. For his help, Viper was promised by Mako an attempt to have Shady Shin's waterbending restored, and Asami offered an entire arrangement of newly manufactured Future Industries vehicles. Viper accepted the deal, though shortly after the two teenagers left his headquarters, he was approached by Varrick, who paid him a considerable amount of money to double-cross Mako and Asami and distract them for a period of time.

Mako fighting Viper

Viper clashed with Mako to stall for time.

As such, Viper and some of his men accompanied Mako and Asami on one of Varrick's ships in an attempt to capture the culprits of previous shipments sent by Asami and Varrick. However, as Shady Shin grew restless, Viper explained to him that their current mission would take a few hours as they needed to keep the teenagers busy. When their objectives wanted to leave the ship, Viper and his men attempted to halt their escape but were knocked back by Mako's firebending. He gave chase to the escaping teenagers in one of the rescue-speedboats. On the water, he used his waterbending in an attempt to stop them, though Asami managed to avoid or otherwise persist through his attacks. He eventually managed to cut off Asami's vehicle, trapping hers underneath his, and a duel between him and Mako ensued atop the hood of the boat. Viper managed to knock Mako back after several blows, but the former was thrown on land and through a door when Asami managed to back her boat out of the trap, swerving away from the coast just in time.[4]

Opposing the Avatar

After Korra vanquished UnaVaatu, Hundun hired Viper, along with two other members of the Triple Threat Triad and the Equalists, to take her out. He encountered the Avatar on Air Temple Island, in Republic City, at the Southern Water Tribe, and finally, in the Spirit World. However, he was defeated during each of these encounters. Viper, the other Triple Threats, and the Equalists fled the Spirit World when Korra overwhelmed them in the Avatar State.[5]

174 AG

Loss of power and death

Viper getting caught by Lin

Viper was arrested by Lin when the Republic City police interrupted a turf war between the Triple Threat Triad and the Creeping Crystals.

At some point, a nonbender named Tokuga joined the Triple Threats. Though most triad members found the young man suspect, as almost nothing was known about him, Viper vouched for Tokuga.[2] In the aftermath of the failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations, the gangs of Republic City engaged in a turf war over the land that was not ravaged by Kuvira and her troops. Viper led the Triple Threat Triad in this chaos but soon found his position as leader challenged on multiple occasions. Eventually, Tokuga took the fight to him, and Viper lost the battle for the Triple Threat Triad throne. He later took part in a turf war against the Creeping Crystal Triad. Before the battle could be decided, the Republic City Police intervened, forcing Viper and the others on the run. He did not get very far, however, and was arrested by Lin.[3] When he later got out of prison, Viper was eventually murdered by Tokuga.[2]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

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Lightning Bolt Zolt
Triple Threat Triad leader
171 AG - 174 AG
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