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The term "Village resort" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The village resort is a lavish recreational center on the Su Oku River, located near the previously occupied western coast of the Earth Kingdom. Originally a retreat for Earth Kingdom monks,[1] the resort fell under Fire Nation control during the Hundred Year War.


After the Fire Nation was defeated in the Siege of the North,[2] Prince Zuko and his uncle Iroh floated on a simple raft for three weeks until reaching this village, where they hid from the Fire Nation while treating themselves to luxurious spas. Zuko and Iroh were recognized as royalty and given the full respect of the spa staff, despite having little money to pay. While Iroh spoiled himself, Zuko spent his time dwelling on his banishment, as it was the third anniversary since he was exiled from his homeland.

Zuko's sister, Princess Azula, tracked Zuko and Iroh to this village on her mission to arrest them as traitors of the Fire Nation. Though Zuko was displeased to see her, Azula insisted that she was there for peaceful purposes. She smoothly convinced Zuko that his father now valued his family once again and that he wished for Zuko and Iroh to come home. Desperate to return home, Zuko agreed to go with Azula. Iroh did as well, but was highly suspicious of Azula, as he knew that she and Ozai had little regard for family.

After Zuko and Iroh managed to escape, Azula came before the villagers, holding up a wanted poster, and proclaimed that if any of them were discovered to be harboring her brother and uncle, they would face the Fire Lord's punishment.[3]


Village resort meeting place

The village meeting place is a large, open courtyard.

The main resort is built on pipes and several large rocks in the center of the Su Oku River, and is connected to both shorelines by large wooden bridges. The main spa holds several massage parlors and relaxing pools, while the shorelines are home to small cottages for guests as well as many natural hot springs. The village is located in a mountainous region near the ocean, where it hosts its own wharf, and west of the spa is a large waterfall where the river meets the ocean. The area is surrounded by gorgeous cherry blossoms, creating a lasting appeal for its visitors.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery and home to some of the finest spas in the Earth Kingdom, this resort town is a true paradise. It is a place where travelers can receive relaxing massages and other treatments that soothe aching muscles. The masseurs at the village are friendly and the town offers free robes to visitors. It is considered one of the most welcoming locations in the entirety of the Fire Nation colonies.[3]


  • Dooshim, the Zongdu of Bin-Er, retired after making his fortune and bought an inn near Su Oku, and spent his days soaking in oils and perfume over a rushing waterfall before he died.[4] It is unknown if he frequented the same resort as this one.


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