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Varrick Global Industries,[1] also known as Varrick Industries International,[2] and sometimes shortened to just VGI,[3] is a global conglomerate founded in the Southern Water Tribe and officially headquartered in Republic City.[4] It was founded by Varrick from a single canoe, and later expanded into an empire responsible for several consumer and technological innovations in the world. In 171 AG, it became the official shipping partner of Future Industries and co-supplier to the South during the Water Tribe Civil War.[5]

The company is considered a wild card in the business world much like its volatile leader, Varrick, which can be both an asset and a flaw to its profits.[4][6]


Born to a poor seal-hunter, Varrick managed to expand his business from a single canoe into a global enterprise, controlling shipping ventures worldwide.[5] The company became widespread and amassed publicity through its funding and support of public works, such as the construction of the Republic City prison, where he commissioned a cell specified for his needs, as he predicted he might end up there. Varrick purchased one of the first battleships shortly after its invention, naming it "Zhu Li" in honor of his assistant.[7]

Shortly after the Anti-bending Revolution, Varrick Global Industries sponsored Raiko's campaign for President of the United Republic of Nations, with Raiko winning the election.[1]

In 171 AG, Varrick met with Asami Sato and Bolin during the Glacier Spirits Festival in order to discuss business arrangements to save Future Industries. Shortly after, Varrick agreed to finalize the details of their arrangement, which made Varrick Global Industries the company's official shipping partner.[5]

Occupation of the South

The Northern Water Tribe Navy's blockade of the Southern waters prevented Varrick Global Industries from exporting any goods.

After Unalaq's battleships arrived at the South, Varrick rounded up the Southern Water Tribe rebels, in an attempt to expel the Northern Water Tribe's forces from Southern waters as well as resume port activity in and out of the harbor city, as the North's blockade halted all exporting and threatened the company's sales.[8]

Varrick later traveled to Republic City, where he suggested for Asami to sell mecha tanks to the South as a way to avoid bankruptcy. He also undertook the creation of propaganda films to instigate opposition against the North, featuring his hair dye, Varri-dye, in the film to boost estimated sales of the product during its first week.[1]

Ship routes to the South subsequently became subject to ambush, with three attacks on Varrick's ships occurring within the same week. In each incident, bombs were thrown aboard the ship and activated with a remote detonator, before a group of individuals hijacked the vessel along with its shipment. The recurrence of attacks in Republic City's waters prompted the police to look into the case. However, they held a predisposition that Northern sympathizers were behind it in an attempt to disrupt supply lines to the South.

Mako disagreed with this, and suggested that the attacks on Varrick's ships were somehow related to the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, which he believed to be connected to the Agni Kai Triad. Without Chief Lin Beifong's support, Mako devised a sting operation with the help of Asami, Varrick, and the Triple Threat Triad in order to lure the perpetrators into a capturing a bait ship provided by Varrick.

Unbeknownst to both Mako and Asami, Varrick paid the triad to keep the two occupied while the Future Industries production line was stolen. With no other recourse, Asami sold a controlling interest in Future Industries to Varrick in order to save the company from bankruptcy.[9]

After the outbreak of the Water Tribe Civil War, Varrick created Varrimovers International, a subsidary company of the conglomerate that focused on the production of movers, thereby pioneering the motion picture industry.[10] The company developed the first ever mover developed for public screening, The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, released in an episodic format. The company organized an elaborate premiere for the mover's final screening, which was held in the Pro-bending Arena. It featured a number of special appearances by the film cast, along with President Raiko and the First Lady. It was revealed during the premiere that Varrick planned to kidnap the president with the intention of blaming the incident on the North, forcing the United Republic of Nations to enter the war in support of the South. As a result, he was arrested for their crimes.[7] During Harmonic Convergence, Varrick took advantage of spirit vine attacks to escape prison and fled to Zaofu.[11]

174 AG[]

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Three years on, Varrick, under Kuvira and partaking in her desire to create an Earth Empire, leveraged Global Industries' experience to advance the mecha tank technology.[12]

After Varrick returned to Republic City and was pardoned for his crimes, he resumed control of Varrick Global Industries.[13][14] The company adopted a policy to destroy all spirit vine energy research after Kuvira's invasion. This led to one executive, Kanti, leaving her position, as she disagreed with this.[3]


Several of the company's vessels are docked in the ports of the Southern Water Tribe, where they are stationed. These ships contain a variety of cargo, ranging from automotives such as Satomobiles to consumer goods such as fish. Perishable cargo is usually shipped in a timely manner, and any disruption of the flow of goods from the ports can devastate the company's sales.[8]

Bolin in snowsuit

Bolin wore a snowsuit bearing the Varrick Global Industries' distinct logo of a blue ship.

A firm believer that circulation improves brain activity, Varrick often consumes peppers and orients himself upside down when developing new ideas. These ideas are subsequently sent to the company's research and development sector, where Varrick's initial concepts are modified before the production of prototypes for final approval begins. Varrick credits the company's success to this process, trademarked as "imagivation".[1]

Items produced by Varrick Global Industries often bear a blue ship logo, including Varrick's yacht and biplane, along with Bolin's snowsuit. Varrick also has a habit of using his name as a prefix in a number of products he advertises.[5]

Known products[]

In addition to managing global shipping matters, Varrick Global Industries is a leading innovator in both technology and consumer goods. Notably, it is known to produce biplanes and snowmobiles, along with small aquatic vessels such as yachts, speedboats, and jet skis.[15] The company also produces and distributes furniture items like podiums, used by politicians and important figures in the United Republic and Southern Water Tribe for speechmaking.[16][17][18]

Motion picture projector

Zhu Li demonstrated the use of the motion picture projector to Varrick's guests.

Along with snowmobiles, Varrick Global Industries creates goods specialized for polar regions, including inflatable snowsuits packed with emergency food provisions for use in tundras, such as the South Pole.[15] The company also has its own line of haircare products, namely the Varri-manageable Hair Line, with hair dyes for women and men known as Varri-dye as its latest development.[1] It also offers Varri-cakes, which are pastries widely available in Republic City.[7]

Varrick Global Industries is also responsible for the first "mover" in the world, having developed the technology to record and project motion pictures, the first being a short reel of an ostrich horse.[5] Under Varrimovers International, the conglomerate also pioneered the first ever movers developed for theatrical release.[10] The company also developed the technology to create a remote detonator that could set off explosives from a distance.[9]

Following the outbreak of the Water Tribe Civil War, Varrick began to produce and direct The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, a series of propaganda films against the North featuring Bolin and Ginger. The numerous movers were received well by the public, and the finale attracted a full arena of patrons, with President Raiko among the crowd.[9]

After the insurrection of the Red Lotus, Varrick further innovated the mecha tank technology with a streamlined, more humanoid appearance. The aging models' wheels were replaced with actual legs and a flamethrower and lightning function to mimic firebending was added to the mecha suit's weapon arsenal, while incorporating electromagnetic technology to improve the suit's mobility.[2][19] Varrick also continued his work in fashion accessories, developing goggles with multiple brightly colored lenses that he and Zhu Li wore while conducting experiments on spirit vines.[20][2][21]


  • Varrick oversaw the creation of a special prison cell when he funded the construction of the police headquarters, as he had a feeling that he would end up in prison in the future.[7]
  • Varrick is willing to deal with underworld characters and triads if he believes that the company's involvement in their affairs will turn a profit.[9]
  • Varrick named his fifth favorite ship Rocky Bottom after his mother.[9]


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