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The Utilities Commission is a bureaucratic panel that regulates Republic City's public utilities. They hold all public utility providers accountable for their work.[1]


San Ho attempted to make use of the Utilities Commission in his bid to have Wakkanai removed from her rights to the city's water treatment facilities in revenge for his fall from grace twenty years beforehand. Wakkanai had held a profitable arrangement with the city for twenty years after she helped invent a new method to desalinate the water around Republic City, but San Ho made use of his extraordinary wealth to throw lawyers at the Utilities Commission until they agreed to review safety issues at the facilities.

Wakkanai's review from the commission started to go poorly. San Ho bribed Commissioner Chao to take his side, and he was close to persuading Commissioner Ke Xin after using the Terra Triad to sabotage Wakkanai's water treatment plants, making it appear as if they were unsafe. He planned to engineer an explosion where First Gentleman Varrick would be killed in the hope of turning the vote in his favor.[1]

President Zhu Li Moon kept a close eye on the proceedings surrounding the water rights. She would much rather see Wakkanai continue to maintain Republic City's water rights rather than hand them over to an unknown like San Ho. However, the president knew that she could only do so much, and that tampering with the Utilities Commission could lead to dire political consequences and accusations that she was overstepping the bounds of her presidential authority. Her commitment to the political situation was one of the reasons she could only do so much into looking into the disappearance of her husband, and had to enlist the help of several trusted individuals.[2]


The Utilities Commissioners all have offices in City Hall.[3] The Utilities Commission works separately from the executive branch of the United Republic government, and the president has no formal authority over the commission.[2]

Notable members[]