Nickelodeon has finally released a trailer for the upcoming book of The Legend of Korra, and it hardly disappoints. It offers an exciting look into Book Three: Change, and when the creators said that this season will focus on the Earth Kingdom, they weren't at all kidding.

Some interesting details to note include:

  • Airbending. Just airbending all over the place.
  • More flying bison! It seems like there is no worry of a second extinction anytime soon.
  • A woman with the same tattoo as Combustion Man, indicating the possible return of combustion as a special technique.
  • A man who looks similar to the scary prisoner, only he doesn't look half as interested about anyone's love life.
  • A disabled waterbender with no arms just wrecking everything in her path. I repeat, a disable waterbender with no arms just wrecking everything in her path.
  • More airbenders, there are literally airbenders everywhere.
  • The return of the Si Wong Desert, and what looks like an expanded Misty Palms Oasis.
  • Jinora's spirit exploring what looks like a mix between the Crystal Catacombs and Lake Laogai.
  • The Earth Queen!
  • Zuko makes his long overdue appearance.
  • A Dai Li agent apprehending Jinora.
  • Korra metalbending!
  • It seems like Desna and Eska's departure last season does not entail that their roles in the series are over. One of the two is seen firing a barrage of ice projectiles in what looks like a very heated battle.
  • Just general "wow what just happened" all throughout.

A more in-depth look at the trailer can be found here.

Needless to say, it looks like we are in for a very great and very intense season. Although there still isn't an official release date, this is promising! What do you guys think about the upcoming book? Did the trailer deliver?

And not to sound like a broken record, but please refrain from discussing anything other than the clips in the trailer. Although the leaked episodes may very well provide more insight to some of the points I outlined above, it's best to leave them out of discussion until their official release.

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