Leave it to Nickelodeon to spend millions marketing a sponge and absolutely nothing for The Legend of Korra, because it seems as if the third book will debut much sooner than the predicted September release on Friday, June 27. Friday will have the first two episodes, "A Breath of Fresh Air" and "Rebirth of a Nation" air back-to-back, followed immediately by a bonus presentation of the third episode, "The Earth Queen". After that unforeseen onslaught, there will be a short break for the Fourth of July weekend, and The Legend of Korra will resume at its new regular timeslot, Fridays at 8 PM ET/PT.

A short clip of the first episode can be seen here. If you can't view it for some reason, it essentially shows Korra, Tenzin, and Jinora (accompanied by a spirit posse of very cute-looking fruit) traversing through a jungle of vines which have completely blocked off a part of Republic City.

As an added bonus, all episodes are free to stream on for the next short while as a buildup for the upcoming season! There's also another extended preview on which you can view here.

To compile a list of useful links to visit:

  • IGN article announcing the premiere date, official timeslot, and first three episodes, along with a short clip from "A Breath of Fresh Air".
  • Extended preview from "A Breath of Fresh Air". Interesting points include Bumi's newfound airbending as a response to danger, a vine outbreak in Republic City as a result of human-spirit integration, and a decrease in public support for the Avatar and President Raiko due to said decision to integrate.
  • Bryke discusses Book Three: Change. Not much to note, as the creators essentially recapped the battle during Harmonic Convergence and noted the energy shift that resulted from it. They imply that the purple mist which covered the globe released massive spiritual energy which affected everything and everyone, and that the consequences of that will be explored. The final part of the video splices clips from the trailer with some other interesting clips previously unseen, like more shots of Anti Team Avatar bending.
  • New short trailer for Book Three: Change (Link for non-Americans). The stuff that makes you pee your pants. Eerily opens with Tenzin telling Korra about the changes she brought upon the world, followed immediately by Zuko talking about how dangerous Anti Team Avatar can prove as a group. This is coupled by yet more scenes showing how insane they are.
  • Playlist for all episodes of Book One: Air and Book Two: Spirits, which are available to stream on Nickelodeon!

Unfortunately, most of those links are restricted to American viewers. I'm still on the lookout to see if any of the videos have been uploaded to other host sites; if you guys know of any, make sure to post links in the comments!

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