So, since we didn't hear anything from Gene Luen Yang's San Francisco library visit for The Promise Part One, I sent him the following email:

So it seems that any information you might have revealed about The Promise, Part 1 at the library in San Francisco did not make it into the hands of anyone ecstatic enough to proclaim it online. Is there anything you can divulge to me for the sake of our collective sanity which we slowly lose in waiting?


And, I got the following response:

Hey Richard!

Great to hear from a fellow A:TLA fan! Much of what I shared was visual, which is probably why it didn't make it on the Internet. I showed the thumbnail sketches, pencils, and final art for a page from The Promise, Part 1. I also showed the model sheets of all five major characters and compared them to their old outfits. And I showed Zuko rocking a mullet, which was thankfully nixed by Mike and Bryan.

The book picks up immediately after the last episode of the series (and I mean IMMEDIATELY, like the moment after). However, after a few pages the story jumps forward a year. That's why everybody's clothes change. Also (I shared this already in an interview), the comic book shows the rest of the Zuko-Ozai conversation about Zuko's mom.


Now, it's not much new info, but we now know the following:

  • The statement that the one-year transition takes place 'halfway' through the book might be more like "a few pages", as Mr. Yang says.
  • At some point, there was a plan for Zuko to have a mullet, "which was thankfully nixed by Mike and Bryan."
  • We know what he showed at the event, but not what it looks like.

So, it's not much, but it's better than nothing. Now, my question for you... Should I further pester Mr. Yang for this Zuko mullet picture (Or one of the others)? I'm curious, but I don't want to badger him to the point of annoyance. Any thoughts?

The next email I sent contained the following:

Thank you so much for your reply! I shared the info you gave me on the Avatar Wiki (, on which my username is uiop60) and I've been asked by some users to further pester you by asking for any of the images you mentioned: a sketch, pencil, Zuko-mullet picture, or final page art (There seems to be much interest in the Zuko-mullet picture). Coming from a popular fan site, this would definitely raise the hype for the new comics. If there is any reason this is not possible, whether personal or especially legal, I understand completely. (What did I ever do for you?)
Thanks again,

Then, his reply:

Hey Richard,

You're connected with Avatar Wiki? I used that resource a lot (A LOT) while writing the books. That and were like my encyclopedias. So thanks to you and everyone who has ever contributed to Avatar Wiki for making my job so much easier!

I just e-mailed Dark Horse to see if I can put the presentation up on YouTube... I'll let you know when I find out.


I want to again relay Gene's thanks to all the Wiki contributors here. We made Gene's life a whole lot easier when writing the books (well, not me, necessarily, as I became involved only very recently), which as a result probably makes the books even better. And now, whether we get the information we want is in the hands of Dark Horse.

I then sent the following:

Hello again Gene,

Two things: I'm wondering if Dark Horse has gotten back to you, but more interestingly, two pictures have popped up on the web from the same Tumblr account, and if you could confirm or deny their legitimacy it'd be helpful (They're pretty convincing-looking): and

Thank you so much; you've been so helpful. I can't express enough how uncommonly friendly you've been.

And, his response:

Hey Richard,

Yes, Dark Horse did get back to me! I'll have the slides up on YouTube early next week. Thanks!

So we'll have the presentation on Monday. As for the pictures, his pleading the fifth indicates a probable legitimacy (He'd be allowed to say they're not legitimate, but not to say they are).

Oh, and if you want, I can send a screenshot of my inbox or something if the legitimacy of this comes into question.

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